How to play Black Diamond Games for Beginners

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Black Diamond for Dummies

When looking for an excellent online slot game, you’ll come across slots that bombard you with flashy animations, sounds, and a variety of bonus features on the market and slots that will provide you with nothing but the essential mechanics of the game and sound money.

The Black Diamond slot game, created by the Texas-based developer Everi, is one of the latter, offering simple gameplay and the perfect number of available bonuses.

What Is Black Diamond?

Developers constructed the Black Diamond game so that it plays like a mechanical Vegas-Hall machine. This particular slot is built for both the traditional player and those looking for a big prize-potential game.

The purpose of the game’s visuals is to replicate the feeling that a classic mechanical one-armed bandit would provide. While some slot makers have spent a lot of time modifying that traditional look for a stylish, eye-catching package, this slot makes you feel that the design studio didn’t focus on aesthetics but more on the features included. Therefore, the result is a straightforward slot for straightforward gaming.

The Black Diamond has been constructed as a 3-wheel slot machine and has only nine active pay lines on which you can choose whether to bet or not. The cartridges are full of well-known symbols such as 7s, Bars, and diamonds and simulate the appearance of mechanical cartridges that spin.

The machine plays basic quiz-like sounds during your spins and alarm bells when you win to convince you that you’re not only playing a digital slot game.

How Do I Play Black Diamond?

The Black Diamond lets you fully tweak your wager, just like some older online casino slot machines. The lowest value in the game is 0.25 credits; however, since you always play four coins per line, you end up with a minimum bet of 1 credit even when you only activate one pay line.

If you want to be eligible for the jackpot, you must pay a maximum of 27 credits. With an RTP (percentage return to player) of 95.95 percent and a couple of massive payouts on the reels, the stats may tempt you to spend the entire amount.

Whether you want to play for the jackpot or not, one of the highest-paying symbols in the game still allows you to win solid prizes. The top 2 symbols are your Blue Triple Seven (777) and Gold Blue Seven (77) symbols that pay 300x and 150x each line for an active pay line.

The second best is to pay 90x and 60x prices on your Red Seven and double BAR signals. If you collected any 37s (blue 777, gold 77, and red 7) or three BARs during a spin, you could also earn a payout of 30x. When you get a mixture of BARs, on the other hand, you get the lowest bet, and you only pay 9x your line bet.

Whatever winning combination you receive, your winnings can increase consistently by a bonus multiplier that can raise your play by a multiple of 30. Namely, each symbol can have its multiplier to increase your winnings by adding to another multiplier.

Only 777, 77, and double BAR symbols have the most significant multiplier of 5x. A 3x multiplier can also be found on a seven or BAR, whereas players may supplement any roll symbol with the lowest 2x multiplier.

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What Does the Black Diamond Symbol Mean?

Another unusual game element is the black diamond symbol, which is a wild card that can trigger progressive jackpot rewards. If you do not bet the maximum, the black diamond merely serves as a wild sign, substituting for any other symbol except multipliers.

You will also pay a prize of 300-5,000 credits if you collect three of them on a pay line that is active and dependent on your pay line.

When you bet fully, you can trigger the Minor or the Major Jackpot award too. When you collect three black diamonds on lines 1 to 8, you receive the lower jackpot award while collecting all three on pay line 9.

Black Diamond History

Black Diamond is just one game in a bigger group of classic Vegas-inspired slot machines that share many similarities.

It is the same game as the company’s Double Leopard Slot in terms of the layout, as it has the same 3-reels, 9 lines, and a unique double leopard symbol that acts as a wild game trigger. The only difference is, instead of diamonds, exotic cats and an award that is not gradually collected.

The Super Jackpot Double Lion video slot, which players can find in land-based casinos, is another cat-themed slot, almost an exact clone of the Black Diamond. The SJ Double Lion is also a 3-wheel classic game with nine pay lines featuring a special wild double lion symbol. In contrast to Black Diamond, this slot game has three different cat symbols, which you can use to trigger the jackpot awards.

So you might want to look at this classic slot machine if you are looking for a similar slot but have a little more exciting gameplay.

In Conclusion

In short, Black Diamond is a traditional machine with valuable extras and is suitable for all those who look for an easy slot game without any flash video effects or confusing side games, or too many lines.

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