How To Clean A Clear Phone Case

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We’ve all always needed a phone case to preserve and beautify our phones. But when it gets dirty we wonder how to clean a clear phone case? This is when phone case fashion began, resulting in the creation of numerous smartphone cases.

Although the previous generation of clear plastic cases was less shatter-prone than those produced today by manufacturers, nevertheless, the yellowing of such phones happens over time.

The yellowing of the cases, particularly the soft bumper cover and those made of silica gel and plastic, is simpler to do. It has an impact on not just how beautiful it is, but also how pleasant it is to use.

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Why Has The Phone Cover Evolved Into Such A Form?

It’s difficult to look at a gorgeous case with yellow stains, and there are several causes why the phone cover might become yellow. The main reason is that the sun’s ultraviolet radiation destroys it. After a prolonged period of usage outdoors with the case on, the case will become yellow as a result of the sun’s UV rays.

Of course, UV radiation isn’t the only cause of plastic and polymer deterioration. Polymers can fail as a result of exposure to visible light, extreme temperatures, humidity, or solvent exposure. However, UV radiation is frequently the primary source of discoloration.

The oxidation process starts when the cell phone is continually rubbed against things like keys and clothing, as well as sweat on the hand or oil on your face. However, yellowing does not have an impact on its basic functionality such as hardness or service life.

How To Clean A Clear Phone Case?

What you choose to carry around with you is an indication of who you are. Is it your purse, wallet, keys, or phone? Most likely it’s your phone. We never leave home without our smartphones, and it has become so essential that we must be connected at all times.

A lovely and clear phone cover may make your smartphone even more appealing. Even though the phone cover protects your phone, you must pay attention to how you utilize it so that you can get the most out of it. How do you get rid of the yellow stains on your phone case? If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a phone cover, there are some things you can try.

1. Soap Or Laundry Detergent

The most common technique is to soak the phone case in laundry detergent or soapy water for a while. Then, using a soft brush or a toothbrush, lightly brush the case until the yellow stains come off. In general, most phone coverings are simple to clean. However, if it is yellow due to oxidation or other causes, you will not be able to clean it.

2. Bleach Water

Bleach makes things colorless or white, which also has an obvious impact on the cleaning of silica gel phone cases. You’ll need an apron or a pair of plastic gloves, and a disposable face mask before using the bleach water.

The bleach is corrosive and harmful, therefore you’ll need some protective items. Use it after diluting the bleach based on the suggested proportion, as directed by the product’s packaging.

The majority of bleach water on the market is intended for sterilization. After soaking in the bleach and wiping it clean, leave the phone case in a ventilated location to dry. However, if the yellow discoloration was caused by oxidation, the same issues arise.

3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste, as it is well-known to everyone, may help us maintain a clean and white smile. The goal of this information is to let people know that toothpaste is also a highly useful cleaning instrument. Is it capable of meeting your expectations for cleaning soft dirty phone cases? The answer is no.

We tried putting some toothpaste on the silica phone case and scrubbing it with a cleaning cloth. It is to inform you that we discovered that using toothpaste to clean the silica gel phone case isn’t effective. The yellow stains have remained intact.

The toothpaste, on the other hand, quickly removes tea stains and coffee stains from teacups, as well as tiny scratches on the phone’s surface. However, the toothpaste was unable to remove the yellow stains from the phone cover in practice.

How To Clean A Clear Phone Case 1

4. Alcohol

Alcohol has a high cleaning efficacy. Because alcohol can decontaminate and evaporate quickly, it may be readily returned to a dry condition by wiping. It does not readily enter into the machine, as water would, and so it is less likely to cause a power supply short circuit.

Allow your yellowing phone case to soak in the water for 10 minutes, then wipe the stains several times. It works, but only a little amount of cleaning power is generated. If you’d like to test this technique, a bottle of 75% medical alcohol is available for purchase.

5. Eraser

Because the pencil is the most frequently used stationery in childhood, an eraser is required. It not only cleans writing off of paper items, but it also has a beneficial cleaning effect on other objects. It’s also great for a phone cover, especially for those who have a matte finish.

You can clean the dirt out if you use an eraser. So, does it have a beneficial impact on a smooth silicone phone case? The softphone cover was cleaned with the eraser, but the yellow stains remained on the case.

Rather Than Replacing Your Phone’s Case, Get A Fresh One

In general, it’s difficult to remove stains from a phone case that has turned yellow owing to oxidation. The solution is to obtain a new case from RANVOO. In terms of the next-generation iPhones, which will be released on September 12th. RANVOO also introduced iPhone XS, iPhone XS+, and iPhone 9 sample cases. We can see that there are several new designs for cases, as well as various hues and glass backs.

The Guardian Series iPhone Cover Is An Excellent Choice For Any Phone.

The Guardian Series is one of the newest RANVOO instances. A transparent, Brilliant Case with glass-like sharpness is ideal for showcasing your new phone’s sleek profile. It won’t yellow over time, and it will always be crystal clear. The inside’s mesh back design gives it a sleek and airy look of ventilation.

The iPhone 7 Premium grade front lip and enhanced airbag cushion on the iPhone case protect your high-end iPhone screen from harm. It may also shield the lens from scratches by lifting the device 1mm away from direct contact with the surface.

The Fintie Apple iPhone 7 Case, along with its unique design and functionality, is constructed of a sturdy PC back. It protects your new iPhone from scratch and falls damage. The flexible bumper makes it simpler to put on and remove without harming your new phone.

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