How To Contact Apple Customer Service

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We all know how Apple devices have managed to give us the top quality products so far. They provide the best in business, but still, there could be any mishandling issue that could make a customer look out for Apple Customer Support. If your device is experiencing some issue, or you just want to get some help regarding your MacBook, then you can call the Apple agents at the Apple Customer Service Phone Number anytime. Like the brand itself, customer care also provides the best service to you.

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  9. Apple Service Hours


Apple products are the top-notch devices designed to work for business as well as personal use. They provide every user to work more simply and productively. Users able to solve their problems more actively and the applications let them do their work with efficiency.

To do all that, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple back in 1976. In hte beginning it was to sell Wozniak’s Apple I personal computer. After many years, in 1977, it was incorporated as Apple Inc.

Apple is an American multinational tech. the company which is headquartered in California. Mainly Apple deals in designing, developing, and selling electronics, Computer Software, and other online services. The Operating Systems that Apple includes are macOS and iOS.


Company’s Hardware Products include –

  • iPhone Smartphone
  • iPad Tablet Computer
  • Mac Personal Computer
  • iPod portable Media Player
  • Apple Watch Smartwatch
  • Apple TV Digital Media Player
  • HomePod Smart Speaker

Company’s Software Products include –

  • iOS and macOS Operating Systems
  • iTunes Media Player
  • Safari Web Browser
  • iLife and iWork Creativity and Productivity Suites
  • And more professional applications

Ways To Contact Apple Customer Service 

Ways To Contact Apple Customer Service

Apple creates and delivers products that are made by professionals who are masters in what they do. They provide you #1 services and with the most intuitive, secure, and powerful products, there is a really low chance of getting anything wrong. But, if you have any issue, Apple’s team will always stay connected, whether you chose to call directly or send them an email.

Apple Customer Service 

Apple Customer Care Number

The call support of Apple customer care is really active, and with such a huge community, they obviously are really busy. If you find yourself waiting for your turn to talk to a customer executive when you dial Apple Customer Service Number, do not start cursing them, they are just tending to other customers like yourself.

Apple Online Store


Apple Retail Store

For that, you have to visit the store nearest to you (find links below)

For Business Profiles


Apple Enterprise Sales

(877) 412–7753

Apple Government Sales

(877) 418–2573

For educational institution


To buy on behalf of an educational institution


Corporate contacts

United States

Apple Media Helpline

(408) 974–2042

Apple Software Upgrade Center

(888) 840–8433

Reseller Referral (Resellers, Trainers, Consultants)

(800) 538–9696


Apple Store (Consumer and Education Individuals)



Apple Store (Small Business)


U.S. iPod, Mac, and iPad technical support


U.S. iPhone technical support


Apple Customer Service Email

You may not find the direct email address to write a complaint or ask for a refund. But, you can send easily visit their SUPPORT Page to ask questions, search for help and other information.

With the increasing popularity of social media, the community has shifted to social sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can visit the sites and contact the customer care agent who is available online to provide you help and answer to any question.


Visit the Apple Care Page on Twitter, and from there, you can direct message the customer support agent. If you feel like your question might interest others too, then you can write a Tweet demanding the attention of Apple by using their handle @AppleSupport

Apple Customer Service Email


Visit the Apple Care on Facebook, and you have two options to ask any question or report a complaint. First, you can write on the landing page of Apple Support. This is more public so you must use your words with care and must not share any personal information on the site, not even when the agent asks you. Second, you can message them on messenger, they reply as soon as they get your message.

Apple Customer Care


There is one more method that you can use to send your complaints to the Apple Headquarters. You can write them a letter including the issue at hand, and why the letter seemed a better option.

Send them the letter on their corporate address  – One Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA 95014, (408) 996–1010

Remember to include your full credentials, your contact information, and other specifics that might be needed to help you out.

Apple Customer Service Hours

For different services, the timings are almost the same. The service agents are available in business hours, that is, from 7 AM to 11 PM, even on Sundays.

For sales and purchase, the support timings are 7 AM to 7 PM.

Apple Customer Care

IF you are looking for Online Portal for Apple Support, you can visit the following pages to resolve your issues. 

Official Website


Retail Apple Services






Youtube Channel


Contact Apple Customer Service Conclusion

Were you able to get the help required? If not, do write to us in the comment section about your query, I will make sure you get your needed help from the customer support at Apple.

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