8 Productivity Hacks When You’re Feeling Fatigued

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Slogging through another workday and feeling like you can barely stay awake? We’ve all been there—way too many times. But you still need to stay productive even when you just want to put your head on your pillow.

So, what can you do about it? How can you stay focused and get through your tasks when you are exhausted? Here are a few simple suggestions.

1. Try taking a supplement which combines caffeine with l-theanine.

An easy hack is to take a caffeine supplement. Specifically, you should take a supplement which gives you an energy boost without the jitters.

One supplement you can try is the highly-rated ELITE Caffeine with L-Theanine by Eu Natural.

This supplement provides you with the energy you need for work while counteracting the unwanted effects of adrenaline with soothing, relaxing l-theanine.

2. Get some sunlight.

Your body’s circadian rhythms are regulated by exposure to sunlight. So, if you got to the office in the dark hours of the morning, consider taking a few minutes to step outside when the sun comes up. Doing so may help your body get the message that it is time to be awake.

3. Work standing up if you can.

You may find that you feel more alert if you are standing than if you are slumped in your chair. Consider working at a standing desk if that is an option. If it is not, just get up and stretch every now and again to try and wake yourself up again.

4. Get something to eat and drink.

Having breakfast
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A lot of us rush to work and skip our breakfasts. But that will not give your body any fuel for the day.

Eat a breakfast which contains the healthy fats you need for energy. Just don’t overdo it—a heavy meal will be too much work for your body to digest, pulling energy reserves from your brain.

Along with a light meal, drink a glass of cold water first thing in the morning to help wake you up. Bring some snacks to work to munch on through the day, and continue to stay hydrated.

5. Take breaks for micro-workouts.

Working out while you just want to go to sleep? It may not sound like an awesome idea, but if you don’t go too far with it, it might help.

Moving around will increase circulation and make you more alert. So, throughout the day, do some scattered micro-workouts. You may not even need to leave your office to do this if you have a little privacy.

6. Take breaks for naps.

If you do have privacy, also consider the occasional nap during your workday. There are a couple of ways this can benefit your productivity.

This study reports, “Sleep onset followed by only 7–10 min of sleep can result in a substantial increase of alertness.”

So, yes, just taking a few minutes to sleep may give you the boost you need to keep going.

Plus, a nap can serve as a powerful motivator when you desperately want one. So, if you give yourself a rule like, “I can take a nap once I finish X, Y and Z tasks,” that can help you to power through.

7. Structure your time and tasks in advance.

Every time you need to switch tasks or figure out what you need to be working on next, doing so can take a significant amount of brainpower.

In fact, task-switching can reduce your productivity even when you are wide awake.

As you can imagine, its burden on your system only increases when you are exhausted.

So when you sit down to work, use that initial burst of energy to plan out your tasks for the day, giving yourself the structure you need to switch tasks and keep moving forward with ease.

That way, as you move from task to task through the day, it will be much less consuming of both time and energy.

8. Get more sleep the next night!

Once you have managed to drag yourself through a sleep-deprived workday, make sure that it doesn’t happen again if possible. Try to get a full night of sleep tonight and every night.

Good Luck Staying Productive When Exhausted

You have some recommendations now for getting through your workday when you are fatigued. Give ELITE a try, expose yourself to some sunlight, take micro-naps and work out in micro-sessions, and keep yourself well-fed and hydrated. This workday will be over soon enough—hang in there, and good luck powering through and remaining productive.

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