Why Is Sustainable Energy So Important?

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People often confuse Sustainable energy with Renewable energy. But, the actual Sustainable Energy Definition would be “the type of energy that meets all the requirements of the present without affecting the lives of future generations” Another definition that could explain the term more effectively would be “the energy that is consumed at insignificant rates compared to the supply of the same, so that it can be managed and there would be no collateral effects to the environment”.

The sustainable energy strategy is based on two pillars, the methods of producing energy in a cleaner way, and the ways that energy is conserved.

Sustainable Energy Sources

For everyday work, we all rely on energy, to help us with our daily tasks. We require energy for electricity, fuel, and more. Most of the energy we use comes from fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, etc. But, as we all know that these types of non-renewable energy harm us, and the environment. That is why we need alternative sources which would be cleaner and would not affect our Earth in the long run.

Why Do We Need Renewable Energy

One reason, because we do not want the end of the Earth to come yet!!

Fossil fuels, which most big companies use today, cause the most damage to the environment.  These energy sources, which are non-replenishable, are getting depleted day by day. And once completely exhausted, they could not be made again. That is why the non-renewable sources of energy are not good for our Earth.

The need of the hour is to focus more and more on the renewable sources of energy. These are the best for the environment as well as our lives and our future. 

A plan that includes the use of sustainable energy is what we need to function in our society today. These energy sources are clean, which means that they do not harm our Earth’s atmosphere.

Here are the reasons why we need sustainable sources of energy ~

  • These energy sources meet our daily needs without risking our energy sources and endangering our future generation’s life
  • The emission of greenhouse gases, majorly Carbon Dioxide is minimal, so they are good for our environment as well as our health
  • Using a sustainable source of energy provides energy security and balance. It guarantees that we will not run out of that energy in the long run
  • We are protected and prepared for the future
  • And above all, they are readily available, in an abundant amount. And of course, free of cost.

What Are The Sustainable Energy Examples 

There are certain sustainable energy sources that we can use. These include the renewable sources of energy, which may not, in fact, be sustainable. The sustainability has to do with reliability, it basically means that the energy which we can use for long, and can be replenished in the meantime. And, we would not have to worry about it.

Types Of Sustainable Energy 

So, here is the list of such energy sources, which we can call sustainable ~

  1. Solar energy. We all know, that the sun has been there since the beginning of our solar system (duh), and will be there till the Solar System collapses. So obviously it is a sustainable source of energy. It is like a nuclear reactor, far from us, providing us unlimited energy.sustainable-energy-is-important
  2. Wind energy. The wind energy is the energy that we produce using the power of wind. No energy is lost in this way, and no pollution is caused
  3. Geothermal energy. The energy produced by tapping into the thermal energy created and stored within the Earth is called Geo-Thermal energy.
  4. Hydropower energy. The flowing water creates enough energy which can be captured and turned into electricity. Using a dam on a river, we can easily harness this kind of energy, so it is a sustainable source.
  5. BioEnergy. The energy that is derived from the organic materials, known as Biomass. It is one of many diverse resources that help meet our demand for energy.
  6. Tidal energy. Hydropower that converts the energy obtained from tides into useful forms, mainly electricity, is called tidal energy. It is not yet widely used, but it has the potential for future use.

Sustainable Energy Vs Renewable Energy 

When we say, “the sustainable sources of energy are the requirement for our survival”, it could be interpreted as “we need renewable resources to meet our needs”. But, in most of the cases, the two words, “sustainable” and “renewable” are not the same. They both mean different, not everything that is renewable is sustainable, and in turn, not everything which is sustainable is necessarily renewable. The closest idea could be of “reserve and occurrence”

To understand this, let’s understand what actually the renewable energy and sustainable energy mean.

Renewable Energy. ~

The direct meaning will be ‘the things that could be made again’, as the growth of new living organisms or natural recycling of materials. Renewable energy does not have a fixed quantity, so they cannot be depleted. However, if the rates of usage exceed the rate of renewal, the source will become unsustainable.


Sustainable energy ~

They can be maintained for a definable period of time. The energy production that can last for the foreseeable future. The practices must rely on sustainable energy which can continue to supply our needs. They can be used up, run out, or otherwise become unusable, so they must be used wisely.

So, you can understand how renewable resources can become unsustainable. If the usage limit is higher than the regeneration rate, the renewable resource is going to get depleted. A non- renewable resource can become sustainable if it is used in moderation, and used with caution.


For most, the sustainable energy use means that the energy will not hurt the environment in a significant way. This point of view is widely opinionated. Whatever the opinions may be, we must take good care of for what and how and energy is being used.

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