How To Cut Green Onions: 5 Simple Steps

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You’ll discover how to cut green onions in this lesson. These onions have a mild onion flavor and can be used in all sorts of meals as an excellent complement.

You might be asking if you eat the entire onion, or do you consume the white portion? People are also confused about whether green onions are scallions.

They are synonymous and are referred to as both terms.

Don’t be scared to chop the entire green onion in half. The entire onion is edible, with a stronger flavor from the white part and a more mellow taste from the greener part.

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How To Recognize And Choose Green Onions

The two parts of a white onion are known as “blades” and “scallions.” The dark green, bulbous section has a similar taste to onions, but they’re somewhat more robust in flavor.

Make sure the green onions you buy at the market are firm, have bright green ends, and have no withered or damaged outer leaves.


  • bunch of green onions


  • cutting board
  • chef knife

How To Cut Green Onions In 5 Simple Steps

Prepare yourself with a knife and cutting board by following these 5 easy steps. This will result in a sliced onion that you may utilize on all of your meals. Prepare yourself with a knife and cutting board.

Follow these instructions to learn how to store green onions.

1. Sharpen the Knife

The green onion needs to be sliced more, as it is thicker than other veggies. You want to make certain that your knife is sharp so it can perform the task. You want to slice the green onion with a slicing action rather than chopping because you don’t want any of the pieces to fall out.

2. Arrange the cutting board

Cutting boards should be put carefully because they must be precisely cut at the ideal angle to prevent injury. When cutting onions, your hand should be at a specific angle. You should feel confident while using this knife.

3. Prepare And Rinse Green Onions

  1. Remove any wilted or dead outer leaves from the green onions.
  2. Remove any dirt from the green onions with a brush under running water.
  3. Remove the ends of the carrots with a peeler. Cut them in half lengthwise, then cut each half into four long pieces (this is the white end). Remove about a half-inch of root from each Onion.
  4. If you want to make a longer or shorter beard, please follow the steps below.

4. Remove The Ends

Combine the green onions. Trim the green onion ends. I prefer to cut them while holding the entire group. This will ensure that you have a uniform slice as you chop the onions.

How To Cut Green Onions: 5 Simple Steps 1

5. Cut Into Slices

Begin by gathering the entire bunch. Using a pull or push cut, cut them into slices.

You want the onion to be sliced, rather than crushed, to maintain the little circles you are seeking for.

The various styles of green onions that may be sliced are listed below.

Rounds Or Circular Cuts

Cucumber sets have an elongated, circular shape and are often used in salads or other cold dishes. Thin, long (or short) green onion rings are produced by circular cuts. This form is commonly utilized in a variety of dishes ranging from fried food to soups to sauteed meals:  dậu sốt cà Chua (small pieces), miến gà (small pieces) gà xào sả ớt (long pieces), bún riêu (long pieces) and bò lúc lắc (long pieces).

If you’re cutting concentric circles, repeat the process and make thick or thin slices at a right angle to the green onions. Make these cuts with small circular motions with your hand.

45-degree Bias Cuts

Diagonal cuts are sometimes required for green onions, and this is mostly due to personal preference because this is a more ornamental cut. When you make garlic noodles, for instance, you may add green onions at a bias cut. For green onions, you can generally swap circular cuts with bias cuts but double-check the recipe first.

I lay my knife perpendicularly with the green onions and cut two or three lines of green onions. After that, I make a 45-degree angle by moving my knife. Make diagonal cuts utilizing this method.

Shredding or curling

Green onion shavings or curled slices are long or short strips of green onions that are thin and curl a bit. Green onion shavings, for example, can be found in Korean salads, stir-fries, toppings, and more.

My mother cut thing long strips of green onions with a shredder when I was a child. If you don’t have access to a shredder, you can also make thin long strips of green onions using your knife. Make a shallow diagonal angle when you cut long, thin strips on your cutting board by aligning the green ends vertically.


For example, Mỡ Hành and Vietnamese pork chops need minced green onions as an extra topping. Follow the same procedures as you would when cutting circular thin strips, then chop the green onions into smaller pieces with your knife.

Storage Of Green Onions

For Chopped Green Onions

Place your cut green onions in a paper towel and run water through them until the water is clear to keep them fresher longer. Excess water may be squeezed out of the onions and placed on a dry paper towel. Remove additional moisture by squeezing the cloth. Allow drying for 10-15 minutes while ventilation is open.

To keep them fresh, place the dried heads in an airtight container with a dry paper towel on top to absorb any extra moisture.

For Whole Green Onions

To keep whole green onions, try one of these two storage methods:

  1. Storage Method 1: Place a bouquet in a glass jar with a plastic or silicone bag draped over them. Trim the sticks’ bottoms and replace the water every three to five days.
  2. Storage Method 2: Place the green onions in a clean, damp (not wet!) paper towel, then wrap them up in a plastic or silicone bag.


You can get green onions in a variety of forms after you chop them. Tender, sweet leaves are the most common type. You may also freeze your green onions at this time.

The white portion will have a stronger onion flavor, while the green part will be considerably more transparent. You may utilize the white pieces during the cooking process and then add the green to finish off your dish!

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