How To Make A Printable Yearly Planner Template [2019, 2020]

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Have you ever felt that you never have enough time for your family? Your kids keep complaining how you never are at home when they wake up or go to sleep, your parents ask about your well being all the time and above all, you never get time for your own? If so, it is probably because you are not good at time management and scheduling your tasks right. The proper way to manage your day is to create a well balanced and thorough Yearly Planner Template that will include all the important stuff that you need to do, and not run around constantly going from one thing to next.

These Printable Yearly Planner templates are brought to you in order to facilitate you to create a planner that will enable you to keep track of all of your meetings, appointments an errands. This way you will not forget the most important days of your life and you will not disappoint anyone anymore. These templates are designed in a way that all the months could fit into a single page so as to facilitate you with the comfort of keeping the full page yearly planner in your pocket.

Free Printable Yearly Planner Template

Even if these templates have all the months crammed up on a single page, they still have ample space for you to write notes, events you are planning, sports schedules, personal goals etc.

Theis template is devided in four parts, 3 months on each sheet in order to provide more sapce for big schedules, for each date separately.

2019 And 2020 Yearly Planner In Excel

Free Printable Yearly Planner Template

Printable Yearly Planner

Yearly Planner Template

2019 And 2020 Yearly Planner In Excel

These templates are mainly designed for printing, but if you want then you can download them and keep them as a soft copy in your device. As these templates come in Word and PDF format too, they are editable and are capable of being kept in your device for easy access.

2019 And 2020 Yearly Planner In Word

Printable Yearly Planner Template


2019 And 2020 Yearly Planner In Pdf

Now as we know what is the yearly planner, a question arises; Why must one use a Yearly Planner Template. Here is a list of answers ~It provides a helping hand in Time Management ~ You can use these templates to make a proper schedule of your days and not worry about forgetting things anymore.

2020 Yearly Planner

2019 Yearly Planner

Here are the reasons that using templates fo yearly planning must be use ~

  1. The productivity of individuals can be improved with planners ~ Productivity is important for your personal and professional life. Productivity is not only related to job, it means getting positive results in whatever you do. And with a tight schedule, you definitely are going to get the desired results.
  2. When productivity is improved and all the work is done on time, stress is bound to be relieved ~ When people get stressed due to their hectic schedule, they often forget that the schedule they are following currently is not even a schedule. It is just a to-do list that needs to be completed at the end of the day. And for that, they often forget that they have personal lives too.
  3. You can be sure of Health benefits ~ Relieved stress means a better lifestyle, and which in turn means a proper and healthy life. No anxiety, mental health benefits, these are just the first steps of the benefits you get from maintaining and following a proper schedule.
  4. You get more time for yourself now and for your hobbies ~ The mandatory responsibilities get finished on time, now what? Now you can spend all your time in what you love doing, you can do craft work, write stories, and do all sort of creative work that you like.
  5. You are keeping a record of your tasks indirectly ~ As we write every task on our planners, we are actually creating a record of what we do, what we plan, where we go. Whenever you need to see when a thing was done, you can look into your planner to keep a track of it.

Yearly planner template

2019 And 2020 Yearly Planner In Pdf

2019 And 2020 Yearly Planner In Word

If you are looking for templates for 2019 and 2020 yearly planners, you have come to right place. You can easily download the templates in Jpg, PDF, and Word formats. The planners are both in landscape and portrait mode, so you can download whatever suits you the best.

Apart from why you want must create a planner, you must create your own style. Figure out which way of planning your days suits you more and follow it strictly. You can try different templates and designs to make a planner, like using designs with calendars with spaces for note taking, or you could use a notebook to keep a record; whatever suits you the best.

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