How To Write A Check Without Cents?

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While everyone now uses plastic money instead of checks, but still from time to time, you may need to write a check without cents or with cents. You might think, how is that a difficult task, you just to write your name and amount and you are done. Unfortunately, there are many ways to fill up a check, depending upon the circumstances. In this post, you will learn about writing a check to someone who you have to pay some dollars, but no Cents.

How To Write A Check With Zero Cents?

Step #1:- Enter The Date

Enter the date of writing the check in the format allowed in the check only. Like DD/MM/YYY or MM/DD/YYYY. This is useful as some banks do not allow the transaction after a few months from the date written on the check. You can see the bank’s routing number and your personal account number at the bottom of the check.

Check Without Cents

Step #2:- Write The Name And Company

Write the Name and Company of the person to whom the check is being written to. For example, if you are writing a check to an employee of your company, say PKP copiers, USA and his name is John, you can write John, with PKP copiers, USA

write a check without cents

Step #3:- Enter Check Amount in Numbers Without Cents

Write Check amount in Numbers without Cents in the box specified. As the box already has the dollar sign, you do not need to specify the dollar sign, you just need to write the numerical value of the amount you have to pay. As you have to write a check with zero cents, put a dots after the amount to be paid and put two zeroes.

Step #4:- Enter Amount to be Paid in Words

Write the amount to be paid in words in the area mentioned in the check. Be careful while writing this part, as no overwriting is allowed and write no/100 after writing the amount so that no one could anything else there.

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Step #5:- Add Memo Info if Required in The For section

Check Without Cents

Step #6:- Sign The Check Carefully.

Check Without Cents

Writing a check designates the amount that will be drawn on the check or from your chosen savings account, you must write the appropriate amount of dollars and cents on the designated line of the check. For instance, if you write a check for, say, 500 dollars and zero cents, you need to specify it clearly in the check. It’s important to clarify that no cents were intended in the first place. Once you know the correct way to write a check, you increase the chances that your check will be interpreted correctly and only the desired amount will be drawn from that check.

If you have any complaint regarding your check or you want to ask questions about your local bank branch, you can contact the Chase Bank Customer Service.

Mentioning “no/100” after the amount in the check also ensures that no one can misuse your check.
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