How To Show Love And Respect To Your Parents

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Do your parents think that you don’t love them as you used to when you were a kid? Do they always taunt you about how you never spend time with them? Well, you might be doing something wrong. Parents crave love and deserve just as much as any other person in your life. But since they are big-hearted people, they don’t tell you that. They may complain then and now, but they don’t want to upset their children. Here is how you can respect your parents.

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So you tell, how many times have you told your parents that you love them? If your answer is no or a long time ago, you must go and do that now! There must not be much thought about why should you listen to your parents, there are not many reasons to listen to your parents, just one, that they are your parents.

If you want to show respect your parents respect, you may be able to re-evaluate your thoughts and attitude towards your parents. There are a lot of ways to show love and respect towards your spouse and friends, but how do you show love and respect towards your parents?

The answer is simple, by honoring them, by doing little things for them like baking them something good or taking them to that tourist stop they wanted to go on for so long.

20 Ways To Respect Your Parents

20 Ways To Respect Your Parents

Let’s be honest. A mother has to go through cramped mornings, sleepless nights, and unbearable birth pain to bring her child to life. The father also has to undergo sleepless nights and pains while caring for and supporting his children like a superhero. He does everything possible for him to ensure a better life for his child. 

  • Provide them full attention
  • Make them your priority
  • Show affection
  • Give importance to their point of view
  • Be careful what you utter
  • Don’t be rude in case of disagreement
  • Be tolerant of their anger
  • Send them gifts whenever possible
  • Give them credit
  • Keep your phones away in their presence
  • Ask for their suggestion and advice
  • Listen to them patiently even if they repeat
  • Never forget to share your achievements or any good news with them
  • Be thankful for what you got or have
  • Try to keep their requests
  • Keep your tone low
  • Never say offensive things
  • Please don’t laugh at their mistakes

If your mom and dad didn’t have the dedication or do the hard work with many sacrifices while raising you, you wouldn’t have been where you are today. 

So love them. Respect them. 

Utilize every chance you get to honor your parents. Here’s a list of 10 ways to show respect to your parents every day, all the time.

1. Provide Them Full Attention

One of the best ways to show that you care for your parents is by giving them undivided attention. When they speak, sit in front of them and listen to what they say attentively. Share your views or opinions in the conversation. 

Eventually, they will feel connected with you. 

Even if you don’t stay with your parents, you can yet put the effort by visiting them in person or via any other form of communication like Skype.  

2. Make Them Your Priority

The priority list of all parents consists of their children’s names in the first position. You were and still are your parent’s priority. Your mom might have sacrificed her working profession to look after you. Your dad might work extra hours to earn more to invest in your dreams.

So please return the favor by making them your top priority. 

3. Show Affection

Honestly, your parents would want you to repay their love with your love, not with money. Thus, it won’t cost you to show affection every time, showing them that you care. 

Wondering how to show affection to them? Simply go and hug them. Kiss them. This is a great way to send love from your heart to theirs, exhibiting your respect and gratitude. 

4. Give Importance to Their Point of View

Give Importance to Their Point of View

When they say something, try to consider their perspective. Then, you should dive a bit deep to understand where and why their views are coming. 

While they have different experiences in life, their decisions can be somewhat different. But be humble and try to apprehend their reasons and intentions behind whatever they say.

5. Be Careful of What You Utter

Always keep in mind that words have strong power. So you should practice or be mindful about the words you utter when talking, especially to your parents. Don’t say anything that can encourage emotional trauma. 

In instances when you know that what you want to say can be misinterpreted, present your thoughts or words politely, taking time so that they can understand your point. 

6. Don’t be Rude in Case of Disagreement

It’s not mandatory to agree with all the opinions of your parents. In some arguments, you might be right. But you don’t have to rebel against it by sounding offensive. 

Just stay calm in such situations! Listen to them, and then make your own decisions. 

Good communications have the power to bridge the generation gap between our parents and us. 

7. Be Tolerant of Their Anger

Your mom or dad might not be in a good mood today. Or they might have said something wrong out of anger. In that case, don’t ever say bad things in return and make them more upset. Likewise, don’t take it at heart when they say something out of anger. Instead, restrain yourself and calm them down.

8. Send Them Gifts Whenever Possible

Send Them Gifts Whenever Possible

It’s not always possible to pre-plan to celebrate an occasion when so many other things are going on simultaneously. But there is one way!

You can treat your parents’ birthday or special events as errands or projects that you have to complete and plan accordingly. You can list down the things that your parents love and get them those things one after one wherever possible. Gifting is always a good way to show your love and gratitude. 

9. Give Them Credit

The person you are today is because of your parents. Whatever you have achieved or will achieve is because of your parents’ hard work and dedication to raising you. 

So giving them credit for your accomplishments is a great way to express your honor and gratitude towards them. 

10. Keep Your Phones Away From Their Presence

You should avoid taking unnecessary calls or surfing on phones when you are spending some quality time or involved in some conversation with your parents. It’s sometimes annoying and intervening. 

11. Ask For Their Suggestion and Advice

If you ask your parents for their advice, it will manifest that you trust and rely on them. They will eagerly come forward to help you in making any decision. 

Their advice may not be appropriate for your business or work purpose. But this act of asking will nurture the eternal bond between you and your parents.

12. Listen to Them Patiently, Even if They Repeat

Listen to Them Patiently, Even if They Repeat

When people get older, they typically repeat things. For example, they may tell you the same story again and again or say something repeatedly. 

You should not get irritated. Rather listen to them being patient like they are telling it for the first time. 

13. Never Forget to Share Your Achievements With Them

Your parents have put in all efforts to make you eligible to stand on your feet. They always pray for your success in life. Thus, they will be happy as you are to hear about your accomplishments. In most cases, they will be happier than you are.

14. Be Thankful For What You Got or Have

Instead of complaining about what you haven’t got, be thankful for what you got. For example, you may not have got the video games you wanted when you were a kid. Or your parents couldn’t afford the full education you wished to complete. 

Keep in mind that your parents provided you with everything they had or what could be possible. 

15. Try to Keep Their Requests

Your parents would rarely request something. They will not ask for anything that would be hard on you in most cases. So if they request you to do something, try as much as you can to fulfill it. The intent is to make them happy. 

16. Keep Your Tone Low

Keep Your Tone Low

Don’t raise your voice while talking to your parents. Instead, it would be best if you keep your tone low and respectful like you keep when speaking to your boss or teacher.

17. Never Say Offensive Things

No matter the situation, you should never utter offensive things to or in front of your parents. It’s your parents who deserve nothing but your amiability. 

18. Please Don’t Laugh at Their Mistakes

When people age, they are not aware of the mistakes they make unintentionally. This is common for all old persons. You are likely to make some mistakes when you become old. So if your mom or dad makes a mistake, do not laugh at it or feel embarrassed. 

And more significantly, don’t care what others may think. Instead, you have to pay attention to your parents a little more.

19. Be Grateful to Your Parents

Tell them how much you love them face to face. To show respect to your mother, do little but meaningful things for them, for example, clean the kitchen, take out the trash without being asked. Mothers love these little things and will definitely appreciate them.

20. Understand Their Perspective Too

The majority of kids think that their parents do not understand them. But most of the time it is not true; they just have different perspective. So try and understand their side too, this way you will be able to show your father too that you love him and you will be able to respect your father.

Why Is It Important To Respect Your Parents?

Major Reasons to Love and Respect Your Parents

God themselves cannot reside on this planet. Thus, they created parents. So parents are the mirror of God in the world we breathe. In many religious texts, it is said that we should worship parents and treat them as our Lord. 

Just think, most of the things that you wish to God are fulfilled by your parents. You are breathing because of them. So always respect your parents. 

It’s your responsibility to respect them. Your parents have and will sacrifice a lot for your happiness and well-being. So, without a mention, you need to honor them, listen to them, and respect them. Your respect is the reminiscence of your gratitude towards them for their hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. 

In some instances, you may feel that your parents can’t understand you and they are intervening in the way of your happiness. But do not rebel against them! Remember that they love you wholeheartedly, and all they want is your happiness and the best for you.

If we write ‘why it is important to respect your parents,’ a couple of pages might not be enough. However, we have jotted down some of the major reasons to love and respect your parents in this article to get you a quick view.

So keep on reading!

  • They are/will always be with you in every situation

Whether you’re mistaken or right, your parents will always be beside you. They will listen to you with all ears and give sound advice. 

  • The older, the wiser

Your parents had seen through more of this world before you were born. So over the years, they have encountered many ups and downs and eventually assembled a wealth of experience. And it would be best if you never underestimated them as people learn from experiences.

  • They have made many mistakes

How can they give valuable advice on nearly everything? Why does it seem that they know everything? 

This is likely because they have been once in that situation, faced the obstructions, felt the agony, fought hard, and finally, everything came up roses. 

  • They know you better than anyone else

Let’s remove ‘anyone else’ in the statement. The truth is that your parents know you better than you know about yourself. 

They can see and understand the things loaded in you that you cannot see, but it tells about you.

  • Parents are generally right

You may deny admitting this fact, but 99% of the time, what your parents say is true and right. Sometimes, it might be a hard truth for you. It can be not very pleasant. But keep in mind that they love you a lot, so what they say or suggest is for your good. If you follow it, you will be benefitted.

  • They always pray for your happiness and healthy life

If you watch attentively, you will find that your parents don’t give much importance to their happiness or health. Instead, they pray and want their child to stay happy and healthy forever. 

When this is their aim, whatever they do or suggest is intended to propel you towards that successful, happy and healthy life.

  • They sacrificed many things to raise you

Parents invest time, love, patience, effort, and money in raising their children. What you are today, is because of them – ideally, their tons of sacrifices made during your growth and progress. 

  • They are proud of you

Your first drawing might still be hanging on one of the walls of their room. And then, you see the picture of winning a trophy on a quiz and the one in a golden frame showcasing you holding your bachelorette degree. Your parents probably look at them at least once a day, cleaning off any dust it holds. 

If not on the face, they smile in their hearts, congratulating you on all your achievements in your life and wishing you more success in the future. They are proud of you. 

Please respect them!

  • They won’t be there with you forever.

You should always keep them happy, making the most of every second you spend with them. But, like anything else, don’t take your parents for granted too much! Remember that they won’t be here with you forever. 

So it is worth repeating that make sure always to love and respect your parents. Be thankful to them all the time. And try not to miss any chance to say that you love them. At least give a hug to express it! All parents deserve it.


There are never enough reasons to not respect and love your parents, they will always be at your side and love you no matter what. Consider yourself lucky to have parents who care for you and help you at every step of your life.

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