How To Download Kinemaster Diamond APK Mod For Free

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Awesome features, cool interface, easy design, and a perfect balance of tools, what more can you expect from a video editing software? Kinemaster Diamond is one of the most famous applications out there right now which lets its users edit, enhance, and share their videos for various social media applications.

How To Download Kinemaster Diamond

Want to know about Kinemaster Pro Diamond?

>> A fully functional and professional video editing tool which could be downloaded from the appl store in iOS and Android devices.

>> An editor which gives supreme control over the video editing experience to its user – professional or not – to create videos and short clips for their social networking accounts.

>> Packed with cool features like multi-layer support, Trimming videos, Adding personal touches, texts, audio, and a lot more.

>> Easy to use – even a first time user can create a decent enough video with this tool.

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How To Download Kinemaster Diamond For Android

If you want to use the free version of the application for your Android device, you can install the application from the Google Playstore in your mobile. This is the best and easiest method to install an application in your device. Installing an application from the Google Playstore ensures that no unwanted application gets installed in the device, and it is the most secure way too.

How To Download Kinemaster Diamond APK Mod For Free 1

How do you download the application from the Google Playstore?

Step #1 First, go the Google playstore in your smartphone. If you are an iPhone user, don’t worry, this application can be found in the Apple app store too.

Step #2 Search for the keyword “Kinemaster Diamond”. You will be redirected to the installation page of the application.

Step #3 Tap on the Install button. The application will be installed in a few minutes depending on your connection speed, and once downloaded, you can start using the application.

Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK Download

The above method might be easy and safe, but some users might not be content with it. They would like to experience more freedom to alter their videos. Kinemaster allows the users to opt for a premium version in which the users get more features unlocked and the “Kinemaster” watermark gets removed. But if you are like me, you might not be ready to make such commitment without having a go at the application. You might have a doubt while spending that much amount on something that you might not find useful later.

And for that purpose only, you get a modded apk for Kinemaster Diamond for your Android device. It is free to use, and you can install it in our device in a few easy steps Want to know how? Check out the tutorial here – Install Kinemaster Pro

You might be thinking that I am talking about many features here, which are unlocked in the modded version but not in the free version available on the playstore. What are they?

Let me describe them to you.

  1. Slideshows can be created in Kinemaster pro
  2. High-quality videos which can be combined with other video clips, and images
  3. Cool transitions could be applied
  4. Background of the video can be changed without any hassle
  5. Want a part of the video blurred? You got it.
  6. Both audio and video can be optimized.
  7. Transitions, effects, and themes can be installed from the internet.
  8. Customized text can be added in any form in the video at any point of time.

Impressed? Get to downloading now. Here is the link:


To get all the features unlocked, the Kinemaster mod can be download from this site. The free Kinemaster Mod has various features like it does not leave a watermark when you edit the video. And you don’t have to be professional to use this application, all the tools are easy to use.

Comment your experience with the application and share your story.

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