How To Install Kinemaster Chroma Key APK | Fully Unlocked Mod

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A video editing application that has changed the experience of editing the videos on the go – Kinemaster – is now available in fully unlocked mod apk. This installation guide is available to install Kinemaster Chroma Key apk free of cost to enjoy the premium features of the application for your mobile devices. You don’t need to spend your money now to enjoy the features of the application like Chroma key and you can now edit the videos and get your desired result without any watermark on it.

Kinemaster Chroma Key Download

What is Kinemster?

Kinemaster is a video editing platform available for all the mobile devices to edit videos on the go. It was designed to improve the productivity of users while they travel, or are not with their desktop. The application delivers a platform where users can professionally create video content without requiring their desktop computer or laptop.

Various versions are available for the application including Kinemaster video editor version 6, Kinemaster Modded version 5 for Android, and Kinemaster Video Editor Pro Version.

You can use this application on almost every mobile device. It is compatible with all the iOS and Android devices.

Kinemaster Chroma Key App Download

The application is mainly designed for video editing purposes. And one of the editing tasks includes setting a portion of the selected media layer to transparent. If you don’ t know what that means, it is like the green-screen style they use for special effects.

Features that you can enjoy using with Kinemaster Modded APK

  1. Trimming and clipping of the videos exactly where you want.
  2. Instant previews are available, edits can be made and checked on the spot.
  3. You can add multiple audio tracks simultaneously.
  4. Multiple layers of images and videos can be added.
  5. Blending tools are available to add exposures or custom filters.
  6. Control the speed of the video from 0.25x up to 16x without experiencing any distortion.
  7. …and many more.

Want to get the best out of the application? Want to know How To Use Chroma Key? Here are the best Chroma key practices that you can follow to get better results.

  1. Turn on the mask mode in the application
  2. Using the slider, drag the foreground slider until you see the foreground pure white with no holes.
  3. Again, use the background slider to make the background pure black with no noise.
  4. If you want to keep the edge of the mask softer, you need to keep the background and Foreground cutoff sliders as further apart as possible.

You can achieve the best results by selecting a key color that is a concentrated version of the background instead of the actual background color. Do not use black or white as the key colors.

Kinemaster Chroma Key APK Download

If you do not know how to install an apk, you can read this guide: Installation Guide For APK on Android


As we know that the Kinemaster application is a paid application which you can unlock fully by subscribing to the service. If you do not want to subscribe, you will not be able to enjoy all the cool features of the application. The videos that you edit will have the “Made with Kinemaster” watermark on it. To avoid that, the Kinemaster modded apk is made available for our readers. Please do remember that this is not the official download link, and we are not at any cost promoting the application.

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How is your experience with Kinemaster?