How to Activate Your Walmart Gift Card?

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How Your Gift Card Can Be Stored in Your Walmart Account?

How Your Gift Card Can Be Stored in Your Walmart Account

Check out the following steps for saving your gift card to your account in Walmart –

  • Step 1: Open the Walmart site and sign in to your account
  • Step 2: Click on “Account” present on the right-hand side lower corner
  • Step 3: Now, choose “Add New Payment Method” that is beneath “Account”
  • Step 4: Choose the option “Gift Card”
  • Step 5: Put your 16-digit card number and your secret PIN from the card’s back
  • Step 6 (optional): Allocate a moniker for your card. It helps if you have multiple gift cards in your Walmart account.
  • Step 7: Select the “Save Card” option.

Once you fulfill all the steps mentioned above, your Walmart account will securely store its information for future use. When purchasing anything in the future, apply for the gift card without entering the PIN again. 

However, Walmart allows customers to save up to five eGift cards and Walmart gift cards to their accounts simultaneously. 

Will Walmart Replace Your Stolen or Lost eGift Cards?

Will Walmart Replace Your Stolen or Lost eGift Cards

The answer is, unfortunately, NO. The company is not liable to replace stolen or lost gift cards. Thus, always take care of your email and passwords. 

What’s the process of recovering a Walmart eGift Card Email that is stolen, lost, or missing?

When people mostly prefer online shopping for all small to big needs, it is possible to lose track of too many eGift card emails. However, sometimes it can even fetch up in the spam folder.

No fret! You can find your lost, stolen, or missing Walmart gift card email following the steps below:

First, peep into the spam box in your email.

Your email provider may have strict guidelines to move an unknown email address into the junk or spam folder.

After you purchase an eGift card, Walmart will send the card to the email linked with your account. 

Thus, make sure to check whether or not your account is using your current email address before purchasing. 

The Walmart gift card you purchased should enter your email within 48 hours after purchase.

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What if you can’t find the email of the gift card in the spam box? Or what if you haven’t received the eGift card even after 48 hours?

In that case, you have to access your purchase history and resend the eGift Card.

However, the Walmart Digital Delivery Center is there to help you find out one of the missing or lost eGift card emails. 

Type the email address that was used while purchasing the card

Put the billing zip code you utilized to buy the gift card

Please find the 13-digit order number that starts with 2677 and enter it.

What kind of gift cards can you purchase at Walmart?

Walmart also provides many specialty gift card options like Hulu, iTunes, Chili, and many more.

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