How To Get Rid Of Hiccups In Babies

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Hiccups are caused by irritation in muscle which results in strong contraction of the diaphragm. Everyone gets the hiccups, even small babies. They are usually nothing to worry about. It might seem to be nuisance for the parents, but they do not harm the baby at all. Getting rid of Hiccups in babies is not a simple tasks, as there is no scientific method to stop babies hiccups.

Stop hiccups in babies

Why Do Babies Get Hiccups

What actually happens during the hiccups?

Normally when a person breather, the lungs pull in air and the diaphragm relaxes to let the air go back out. But sometimes the air you are trying to breath gets stuck in the closed vocal cords, which produce the “hic” sound. the hiccups are triggered by the nerve cells connecting our brain to diaphragm, and it can set off due to various reasons let’s like eating too fast, or swallowing at wrong time,

hiccups in babies

How To Stop Baby Hiccups After Feeding

  1. Don’t overfeed the baby, because in cases where infant are involved the main reason that diaphragm muscle spasm is due to overfeeding infants. You can try slowing the feeding process, and stopping to burp your kid in between the eating session.
  2. Be careful that the baby do not swallow too much air, feed them carefully. Bottle fed infants swallow air due to improper feeding position.
  3. The child must not be lying down on their stomach while eating or drinking milk. And after eating, keep the kid in upright position so that food gets settled down.

Hiccup in Infants

How To Get Rid Of Newborn Hiccups

Another reason for your baby’s hiccups could be gastroesophageal reflux or GER. It is a temporary condition in which baby regurgitates what’s in their stomach. This might cause a little pain for your baby. You can identify this by checking for any abdominal pain, or general “colicky behavior”.

If the hiccups don’t stop soon and your kid starts getting irritated, you must take them to the doctor.

As there are no scientific methods to stop the hiccups, you cannot do much apart from giving your kid water to drink. What you can do is to note the pattern and amount of pain that the infant is suffering.

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