How To Make A Fake Doctor’s Note?

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Choose a template online and modify it

You can use an online template for medical leave but make sure to modify it somewhat before taking a printout. While these templates are available online to all users, other employees may have already used the one you selected.

Thus, it’s better to make a unique copy for your purpose by editing a template on Photoshop or any other relevant apps or software. You can erase all the existing details in these editing apps and add any information fitting your story. 

Let’s see how to use Photoshop to modify a fake doctor’s note –

Step 1: After you open Photoshop, click on “File”

Step 2: Choose “Open” and select the image file of the medical template you downloaded online. Also, choose the file of the fake doctor’s header you collected from someone or downloaded. You will see it loading on a new tab.

Step 3: You will see “Select” in the menu bar. Click on it and select “All” to copy the forged letterhead. Now paste it on your doctor’s note template in Photoshop. If the letterhead appears too big, you can crop some of its parts.

Step 4: The Menu bar will show the “Edit” option. Click on it, followed by choosing the “Copy” and “Cut” options.

Step 5: Now select the tab that has the fake template of the doctor’s note.

Step 6: Click on “Edit” on the Menu bar and choose “Paste.” 

Step 7: Click “Edit” on the Menu bar and use the transform tool. 

Step 8: Choose the option “Free Transform to” and resize the template. With the Move tool in the Toolbar, you can move the position of the letterhead, i.e., on the image’s top. 

Step 9: Click “Clone Tool” on the Toolbar and erase the portions you don’t require on the template.

Step 10: You can modify the clone tool to increase or decrease its hardness according to your requirements. 

Step 11: Now click on the layer on which you are working. 

Step 12: It’s time to clone the template.

Suppose you clone out the words “Thank You” from the template’s bottom. In that case, what you have to do is –

  • Press and hold the “alt” key button and move the cursor to the section that you will clone to another space.
  • Now click on the “alt” key on the specific area you will clone from and release the cursor. Likewise, you can erase the “Thank You” words from the template’s bottom. 
  • This process must be repeated for all the sections you wish to erase.

Step 13: Click on the “Typing” tool from the Tool Bar and write or add any text. Take the cursor to the part you want to write or add texts.

If you want to use another text font, press “ctrl + A” and choose the text. Next, go to the Options Bar, and a drop-down including the available fonts will open. Choose a font as per your wish. 

Step 14: After you complete, select the “Edit” option and then “Save As” or “Save.” If you want to save the file as PNG, select “Save As.” 

Step 15: Take a printout of the edited template. Fill up your name and other details with a pen. 

Many websites allow you to download templates or ready-made medical notes on a word document besides Photoshop.