5+ Free Printable Certificate Of Service Templates

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The certificate of service is used in many contexts. If you are from the corporate world, it could mean that it is a validation of work that you have done for the company, if you are from law and order world, it could state the dates and signatures and stuff, or if you are from the world war era, for you it could be proof that you served for the country.

Certificate of Service Template

Whatever your background, the certificate is awarded to you as a token of proof that you have provided the organization a certain amount of service. This certificate can be used in the future, to gain a job, or to show off to your friends.

Certificate of Service Template

For the companies or organizations who like to award such certifications, we have provided some simple yet well-designed certificates that will benefit the users to make or draft their own certificates. All the templates that we have provided are editable, that means you can edit the names and signatures in the certificate. You can simply print them out and fill in the certificate with a pen or sharpie.

certificate of service

How to download the templates?

To download, the templates in your device is a quiet and easy task, but if you do not know what you are doing, you may take one or two retakes to do that correctly. So, here are the steps that will explain to you how you can download the templates.

Step 1. Scroll through the article to find the certificate that will suit your interest the best

Step 2. The next step will be to right click on the image

Step 3. A list will open up, look at it carefully and click on “save image  as”

Step 4. Select the location, change the name of the file (if you want to), and click save.

You would have successfully downloaded the template.

Certificate of Service Printable

What is Certificate of Service?

As mentioned above, the certificate of deposit could have different meaning according to the context we talk about. The meaning of certificate of service depends on the scenario in which the term is being used. The certificate could be used as an award, or a symbol, to mention that the rewarded person has done something useful, and is thus appreciated by the company for their work.

In the context of employment, if you are rewarding a person with a Service certificate, then you are providing them the experience certificate. It mentions the employee’s name, organization’s information, duration of service, and the pay rate. It could be asked by the future employer as proof that you actually worked in that organization on the pay scale that you mentioned in your CV.

In the legal proceedings, the certificate is usually asked to be filed with the clerks of the court. It stands as proof about the parties involved in the lawsuit. The certificate provides proof about the copies of pleadings, such as complaints, motions, and discovery requests. It also includes the date on which the papers were served, and all the information of the parties involved, including their signatures. The certificate also includes the information of the serving attorney, with their signature.

What is Certificate of Service

Certificate of Service Format

Here is a sample of certificate of service that is followed in the US


It is hereby declared that on the day _____ of _____, ____, the correct copies of the foregoing pleading were forwarded by (first class mail/ Hand delivery/ Certified Mail) to ________, the attorney for ______ (defendant) at the address _________


Your signature and Date

Difference between an experience certificate and certificate of service

I have already mentioned that the certificate provided for hte service that you gave at your job is like an experience certificate. Then how can I say that they are different? There is a very fine line, and that line differentiates them in separates.

A Service certificate usually is the certificate for the position and duration of the job. Like a contract.

On the other hand, the experience certificate tells about the nature of work done, position, and it is more like a supporting material which supports the individual.

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For different reasons and different companies, the templates could be used. I would be glad if you will comment in the “reply to us” box to tell about whether these templates were helpful for you.

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