7+ Sample Format Of Certificate Of Appreciation Template

A Certificate Of Appreciation is something that certified that the named professional, civilian or student have performed well in their work. To make the task of giving the appreciation certificates easy, we have provided you various types of appreciation certificates, which you can easily download. There are various designs that the certificate templates are available in. The samples that are provided will give you an example of the content which should be written in the certificate.


Certificate Of Appreciation For Employees 

Any department, if they want to appreciate their employees, give them an appreciation letter or certificate, or sometimes both to encourage them and tell them that they are doing great at their work. If you want to know how you can draft a certificate for your own firm, then you can use any of the following templates to get an idea of how these certificates are structured, and what content they put in them. These templates are blank, so if you want you can just download these and edit them in your computer to make one.

Certificate Of Appreciation Template

If you ask why you need to create a certificate of appreciation. Then you must know that those people who do well at work and are giving the best of the performance in the office, they must be acknowledged now and then. If you have difficulty in making a certificate on your own, you can simply download one of the templates that we have provided and then can be modified based on your choice. You can add your company’s name, the name of the employee that is being appreciated, and just take a printout. These Certificate Of Appreciation Design have been done by pros and they are free to use.

Certificate Of Appreciation For Donation 

When someone or a group of people has done a good deed, then it is good to appreciate what they have done for society. So, these appreciation certificates for donation are really useful. These kinds of certificates will hold a better meaning if they are more personal in nature. The site offers you with various certificate samples, and you could simply use them to generate these appreciation certificates.

Certificate Of Appreciation For Employees 

Why Are The Templates For Certificate Of Appreciation Helpful?

The reason that these templates are useful for us is that they are pre-designed. You don’t have to work hard to build a decent looking certificate. The work of a template is such that it would reduce the manual work, and will be able to serve the purpose completely.

Certificate Of Appreciation Sample

If you are looking for a template that will help you make a decent certificate, which will add more meaning to the appreciation and will not just act as a paper, but a testament to a person’s value, then you must download one of the templates that we have provided. These templates are well designed and have all the important sections that make them the best templates for Certificates.

Certificate Of Appreciation For Volunteers 

These templates are meant for those who work hard to make other’s life easy. They could have volunteered in a health camp, a public feast for homeless, or any other social work. Those volunteers who have worked for others must be appreciated. And what is the better way to appreciate someone than to give them a public reward? The certification will prove that they have worked for a noble cause and that they have done a good job.

Certificate Of Appreciation Design

The target audience for such templates are the organizations who offer such volunteer work, like a social workers’ group. You can use these templates to make a certificate for your own organization, keeping in mind the type of volunteer work you provide.

Certificate Of Appreciation For Teachers

Teachers always appreciate their students for their good work, their great marks, and the projects they have done. There are various methods they use to appreciate their students, sometimes they give them chocolates, sometimes appreciate them in front of the class. There are a few students who in return do something or their teachers. Not that the teachers expect anything in return, but when a teacher is doing great at their work, they must be appreciated. The schools can use these certificates for their teachers to appreciate them on the amazing work they have done for their students.

Certificate Of Appreciation For Donation 

Certificate Of Appreciation For Students

The students who excel in their exam and deserve the appreciation from their teachers and school can be provided with the certificate by the school. If you have to reward a student with the certificate of appreciation, then you must know that the template of such certificates is completely free to use. If you have any issue downloading them, you can contact us via the “reply to us” section at the bottom.

Appreciation Certificate Examples 

There are many benefits of using these templates, the major being that they save your manual work. They are predesigned and are available in various designs. The templates that we have provided give you a lot of space to add or edit your content. These were designed to support all kinds of needs of users and they offer much. You will see that the certificates of appreciation are the templates that have a lot of worth, they are widely used and that is because of their performance and their format. You can print them in various format, and edit them in your computer easily.

Certificate Of Appreciation Sample

Certificate Of Appreciation Format 

If you want to create a good certificate of appreciation then you must know that the certificates need to have some basic Certificate Of Appreciation Content.

  • The Company/ Organisation name
  • Name of the person being appreciated
  • The tasks that they performed
  • Information about the organization
  • Signature of the Head/CEO/Principal
  • At the top, it must have the logo of the company as well

The certificate templates that we have provided will aid you in generating such certificates, they have a formal and professional touch to them. You will see that these templates have decent fonts and style used, and they have impressive nature in their appearance. These templates have been designed to cater for most of your possible needs. If you find any template that we haven’t provided and you need them, you can comment in the reply to us box we will be happy to provide them to you.

Certificate Of Appreciation For Volunteers 

Certificate Of Appreciation Template Word 

Those people who would like to edit their certificate template in MS Word can easily download the templates in the word format.

Here is how you download the template of the certificate in word format –

  1. First, you go to the template that you want to download
  2. Then you look below the template for the word download button
  3. Once you find it, you can click on it and your download will be downloaded in seconds.

If you do not want to download the templates or even edit them, you can simply take a print of them directly from the browser.

If you do not know how to print a template directly from the browser, what you can do is that you can follow the steps that we have provided below.

To print the template in image format –

  1. Simply right-click on the image of the template that you like and would like to print out
  2. After that select the option for “open in new tab” from the list that pops up
  3. When your image does open in the new tab, go to it
  4. Simply give the print command (Ctrl + P) to take a printout

To print the template in PDF format –

You might think that the image format is all you need, but if you want to have a crisp image of the certificate, you must get the template in the PDF format. They are simple to download as well as to print. Here is how –

  1. Go to the template that you would like to print for your organization
  2. Then look for its PDF download button
  3. When you find it, click on it
  4. The template in PDF format will open in the new tab of your browser, according to your settings
  5. Once it does, go to that tab
  6. You will find the download and print button in the top right corner of the page
  7. Click on the button for the action that you want to perform
  8. If you click on the download button, the template will be downloaded in your computer and you can take a print from there, but if you click on the print button, the process of printing will start

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It is good to appreciate someone for their astounding performance. This appreciating could be done with various methods, you can appreciate them in front of the audience, write them an appreciation letter, or applaud them with a certificate of appreciation. Whatever you do, it will surely make the day of the receiver.

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