How To Create Certificate Of Excellence – Template Free Download

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Every now and then, any organization might need to create a bunch of Certificate Of Excellence for its employees. Some might think at the pay raise and bonuses that they get are more than enough for them to appreciate the work their employees have done. But actually, when a certificate is awarded along with the incentive that they get takes the compliment to another level.

Same goes for any institution. All the students deserve a praise every now and then, and for that what could be better than a certificate mentioning how they have excelled in a certain field. After all, an award is meant to be presented as a symbol of appreciation for your work.

What Is Excellence?

The quality or talent that a person shows which is better than usual and surpasses the ordinary standards. Excellence can be measured by performance a person is giving, be it at work, education, or business.

Awarding someone based on their excellence is a great way of showing that they have done an excellent job and deserve better than others.

What Is A Certificate Of Excellence?

A type of award that appreciates a person’s extraordinary performance in any field of practice.

This certificate could be created in-house, or just downloaded from one of the sites on the internet. There are not much of the guidelines set which you need to check while making these certificate. But, you must take care of certain elements that must be included in these certificates – Title, name of the recipient, the task performed, the signature of authority. And it must look professional.

Every other blog that you will see regarding the excellence certificate, you will find what a certificate must be about and how to design it. But, let me tell you what this award should not be about.

What Is A Certificate Of Excellence About

Don’t set the standards low. Don’t just keep handing out the certificates in every other opportunity you get. For example, you do not want to hand out a certificate just because someone completed the whole shift that month. But, you can give the award to the person who has shown you a tremendous amount of increase in the success rate.

The certificate should not be about who has done what but should demonstrate excellence in the performance.

Similarly, in academics, don’t hand out awards just for completing the given task. As mentioned, excellence is about who did the best, not who just came there and completed the task. The one who ranked on top deserves the award and this way you will be able to encourage others to rise up to that level.

Certificate of Excellence Format

For those who want to build their own personalized certificates, here are the elements that must be included in the format:

I. Title or heading of the certificate. This is the most important part, which explains the award that is being presented.

II. The presentation line. Customary lines that are included after the heading.

III. The Recipient name and designation(if applicable). The recipient name should be written in full – first name and last name along with appropriate designation. If the award is being given to a group or team, in that case, the name of their team must also be mentioned.

IV. Presented by. Include the name of the person/institution/organization who is awarding the certificate must also be included.

V. Description of the award. Even though the award is self-explanatory, including a line or two about the achievement of the person receiving it should be mentioned.

VI. The date on which the award is being presented.

VII. Signature of the authority. The signature will make the certificate legitimate.

If you are feeling lazy or just don’t have enough time to start from scratch, download these templates for the certificates and edit them according to your requirements. After that, you will have your own personalized template of the certificate to take a printout anytime you want.

Free certificate of excellence template

These certificate of excellence template editable templates are provided here in PNG and PDF format. They are absolutely free to use and could be edited in your device as you want to.

Certificate of Excellence


Certificate of Excellence template


Excellence certificate


Certificate of excellence template download


Certificate of excellence template


I hope these templates were useful. Write in the comments if you have any suggestions for us.