5+ Printable Certificate Of Death Templates With Samples

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Many reasons result in the requirement of a Certificate Of Death of a deceased person. It may be required to serve as a proof for some legal purposes like pension benefits, claiming life insurance, settling estates, or even for getting married.

5+ Printable Certificate Of Death Templates With Samples 1

A death certificate is issued when someone dies to declare the time, cause, and location of death. It might also include some other personal information about the deceased. A certificate of death is issued by the government and is an official document that serves various purposes. The purposes, as mentioned before, could be legal or just the regular “How did he die?” answer. If there was a foul-play due to which the person died, the certificate of death is needed by officials at the time of investigation to review the cause of death.

Certificate Of Death Template

A death certificate is a proof of the death of a person that is issued by the government as a legal document certifying the time and cause of the death of that person. This is why a death certificate template documents that come handy for many legal purposes like settling loans, taking care of bank accounts and more. The templates could be easily printed at home and filled up by the family of deceased, so to make sure it isn’t fake, the signature of physician or coroner to validate the cause of death.

Here is a sample –

Sample of Certificate of Death

Who can Receive an Authorized Certified Copy of the Certificate of Death?

There are a few people related to the deceased who could are permitted to get the authorized copy. The certificate is not issued to just anyone as it could be misused in one way or another.

Individuals who are permitted to get the official death certificates – 

  • Parents or legal guardian of the deceased
  • A member of the law enforcement agency, or someone from another government agency who is conducting official business
  • Child of the deceased, grandparent, grandchild, sibling or domestic partner of the deceased person.
  • The attorney who is representing the registrant or their estate
  • Any person or agency empowered by statute or appointed by the court
  • Funeral director or an employee of the funeral establishment

Those who are not authorized can get an informational copy of the certificate with imprinted “INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY”

Blank Certificate Of Death

Prior to issuing the certificates, the authorities usually require a signature from a physician or coroner to validate the cause of death and to confirm the identity of the deceased. These blank templates are provided for users to be able to craft the certificates easily. These are print-friendly and they can be downloaded in any device. You will also find the PDF downloadable file along with every template to be able to print these templates more efficiently.

Printable Certificate Of Death

Get PDF – Printable Certificate Of Death

Blank Certificate Of Death

Get PDF – Blank Certificate Of Death

Certificate Of Death Template

Get PDF – Certificate Of Death Template 

Download Certificate Of Death

Get PDF – Download Certificate Of Death

Requirement for Certificate of Death

Get PDF – Requirement for Certificate of Death

Requirement for Certificate of Death

As mentioned earlier, Government officials may require the certificate of death to review the death during some investigations. The certificate of death includes the cause of death, date and time of death, place of death, and other details. Due to this, it may be used for various legal reasons. It could be used for legal purposes like closing bank accounts, settling loans, changes in legal documents, home ownership, and many other legal and family purposes.

Public health policies depend heavily on death certificates because they are the only source of information about the causes of death and other necessary pieces of information they require.

Death Certificate Format

You can find the Death Certificates Online in the form of templates and you can even claim one from the official websites for your state. The death certificate is just like any other certificate, it includes the various important details about the person in concern – in this case, deceased. The most important details that a certificate of death includes is the cause and time of death. This is to keep a record for future references so that the family of the deceased do not have to worry about gathering all the data when it is required in the future.

Sample of Certificate of Death

The format of the certificate of death is really simple. It must include the following, plus the signature from a physician or coroner to validate the cause of death and the identity of the deceased. You must make sure to complete the procedure within three days so that you don’t find it difficult later.

The death certificate template can vary from state to state, but it must include the following –

  • The full legal name of the person deceased
  • Complete address of residency before death
  • Birth Place and Birth Date
  • The name and birthplace of the father of the deceased
  • Veteran’s claim or discharge number
  • Marital Status
  • Name of Spouse if applicable
  • Date of Death
  • Place of Death
  • Time of Death
  • Cause of Death


These certificates are meant for official purposes, and they are not valid until the signature of coroner of a physician is taken on them validating the death. These could also be used to make a few informative certificates of death.

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