How To Write A Weekly Report – [Complete Guide]

Writing a Weekly Report is an effective way to keep track of your weekly progress, to demonstrate your management that you are doing things right and are on the right track. It ensures that you keep a record of all your work so that your superiors can review and appreciate all the activities you have done in the entire week.  

Weekly Report Example

You can look into this sample report to get is the gist of what you should be writing in the report. It consists of a simple format, with company’s name on it.

Weekly Report Format

Weekly Report is just a collection of all the tasks done by a person in a week. You need to organize your work in a manner that it is easily understandable, prioritized, and allows two-way communication.

Employees should follow some simple rules while writing a weekly report

  1. Organize your information
  2. Be concise, your superiors might not read the entire report as they must be really busy
  3. Prioritize your work, write the important tasks of the day first
  4. Be careful of your language, write in a strong language but in a polite manner
  5. Write in a to-the-point manner, you don’t need to write the report in a detailed manner, the main points are enough
  6. Don’t try to fake your work, as it won’t help you in long run and might affect your job
  7. The report must act as a two-way communication tool, managers must be able to comment on the employee’s report

You can use the templates provided to make it more effective and easy to make a weekly report. They are structured in a proper format, suitable for every job profile.

Weekly Report Format In Excel

This format is best suited for the working professionals, they can easily maintain the report by entering the record of their work day-wise. It can be used by those who will be sending their reports by e-mail. The spreadsheets are easily customizable and shareable with anyone. These spreadsheets can also be sent as attachments to your managers.

Sample Weekly Report

Weekly reports should be as straightforward as can be. You may consider the preformatted report of your company, as many companies have a standard format for weekly reports.



Writing a weekly report is the best way to show your boss your progress and to tell him what you are up to. This allows the management to keep a check on your work, and reward you for your good work. Weekly report also helps you as a person too, as they reflect your work and show you where you stand. This allows self-motivation and progress of oneself.

These templates are completely free to download and print, comment for further queries and suggestions.

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