How To Unblock A Number On Android [Samsung]

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Whether it is because you just changed your Operating System, or haven’t really had a need to do it if you do not know how to Unblock A Number on your Android device you can follow the instructions in this guide to do so.

Once you block someone’s contact number on your device, they never are able to call or text you with that number. If you want them to start texting or contacting you again, you need to unblock them. It could be for many reasons, past friends who became enemies due to some fight, getting back together, or any other reason, you can unblock them easily in just a few steps.

Unblock A Number

How To Unblock A Number On Android

There are some simple steps that you can follow to remove anyone from your block list.

Step #1 First go to your device’s Application for Calls phone

Step #2 When you open the application, you will see the “More” icon More Tap on it

Step #3 Tap on the settings option and then go to the Blocked numbers

Step #4 You will see a list of numbers that you had blocked in past when you spot the number that you want to unblock, tap on the Clear button Clear and then on Unblock

Now that number is unblocked permanently and can send you texts, and call you anytime.

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Steps To Unblock A Private Number In Android Phone

There is another way to do the deed, it is best suited for those who have a long list of blocked numbers and are lazy to scroll down

Step #1 As we have done before, go to the Phone Application

Step #2 Tap the More icon and after that the Settings button

Step #3 Go to the blocked contacts and when you see the list of blocked contacts, you tap on the search bar

Unblock A Number On Android

Step #4 Type the number you want to unblock, and press search button

Step #5 When you see the number on the screen, tap on the little minus (remove) icon on the right of that number

Unblock A Number on Samsung

Here you go, now you have successfully removed a blocked contact from the list

If there is a private number that you want to unblock, you can watch this video to learn how you can Unmask Private Number On Android


The Unblocking of a Phone Number on Android is a skill that everyone must learn because you never know when you get to patch up things with your exes or past enemies. We have to learn sooner or later anyway.

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