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Kids love Santa, and why not, he brings them gifts and toys to play with. To help you write a beautiful letter to Santa, I have gathered a few Santa Letter Template, so that it would be easy for you to write the letter.

Write Letter To Santa

As everyone knows, you have to be a good kid and be in the Santa’s good kid list to be able to receive gifts from Santa. Most parents, and I too, believe that to help Santa in his work, we must send them letters. These letters could contain anything like how much you love Santa and his elves, and what gift you want this year. If Santa loves this letter, he will be happy to send you the gift of your choice.

Personalized Letters From Santa

About Christmas

Beautiful and Full of Joy, the festival of Christmas is celebrated all around the world with enthusiasm. This is a Christian Festival, but non-Christians too love to celebrate this festival with their friends. Christmas is celebrated on the occasion of Christ’s birth. This occasion is celebrated most in Christian countries like the United States of America. You can find many enthusiastic festivities around this time happening in everyone’s houses.

Letter To Santa

Personalized Letter To Santa

This festival is celebrated with love and warmth, with family and friends. People use fairy lights to decorate their houses. A Christmas tree is decorated in every house, and the whole family comes together to decorate it.

Personalized Letters To Santa

About Santa Claus

Santa and his wife Mrs. Claus, live at the North Pole. They live there with their many elves who make toys and take care of the reindeers throughout the year. Each year, on the eve of Christmas, Santa along with his reindeers and the best of elves visit every house to deliver the presents to the good kids. If you have been naughty, he will not come to your house, but you can be good for next Christmas.

Customized Letter To Santa

When does Santa visit?

It is observed that Santa visits only after the kids are asleep. Some even say that if even the parents are awake, he will not visit. He moves to another house if the kids are not asleep, but returns once everyone goes to sleep. Some people say that as Santa cannot complete the whole world in one night, so he completes his work in one week, Christmas week. It is plausible because Santa would not want to rush this important job of delivering gifts to the kids, so he takes time to do the work.

But it surely raises the question of how he can visit each and every house in this short period of time. The only answer could be that he has his own time-space continuum.

Blank Santa Letter Template

If you want to send a letter to Santa Claus, you can use these templates of Dear Santa Letter which are pre-designed to suit all your needs and you can even customize them according to your need.

Blank Letter To Santa

Magical and Beautiful, these letter templates are for all the kids out there who love writing and want to send a letter to Santa Claus to tell him how much they love him. These free printable letters will make your job easier. You just want to print these using your printer and give it to your kids to write the letter. These templates have cute designs that your kids will definitely love.

Editable Letter From Santa

How are templates useful?

There are many ways in which we can use any type of templates. If we talk about the Santa templates, they can be used in the following ways-

  1. These templates are super useful as a partially ready-to-send letter. You, as a parent, could give these letter templates to your kids to write a letter to Santa. This not only will improve your kids’ imagination, but will also help them learn the letter writing techniques
  2. Those children who love Santa Clause will love to write their feelings through the letter. These templates will motivate them to write a letter with more enthusiasm and delight.
  3. As there are many templates available, your kids will love to chose one for themselves. The options are according to the kids’ interest. They are colorful and have cute designs on them.
  4. Templates are useful because you can get as many printouts as you want. If you have a kid who makes a lot of mistakes, then you need not to worry. You can just go ahead an print it out again.

Letter From Santa

Printable Letters From Santa

Whether you want an official letter from Santa’s Office or you yourself are Santa and are feeling lazy to write a letter for the kids yourself. In any case, you can print these letters provided below to send to the kids. These are customizable, which means you can edit them in your computer to change the names and addresses wherever necessary.

Printable Letter From Santa

Personalized Letter From Santa


These templates also include Santa List Template which Santa could use to tell the naughty kids that they have been naughty and if they don’t start being nice, then they might not get a gift this year after all.

These templates are easy to use, printable, and editable. You can use them as and how you want to. Write down in comments below how you liked it. If you are Santa, please send me a nice gift this year!!

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