How To Uninstall Windows 7, 8 and 10 Completely

In many older home computers, most users have an older version of Windows pre-installed, to change or upgrade the windows they usually look for uninstall windows service either online or in the computer store nearby. But what they can do instead is to install the new version of windows themselves, and to do that they do … Read more

How To Uninstall Apps In iPhone 6, 7, X, etc

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How To Write Resignation Email To Manager – Sample Email

If you are planning on quitting your job and considering writing a Formal Resignation Email to Manager instead of writing them a letter, you must do that only under certain circumstances. For example, if your manager is out of the station and you cannot contact them face to face, then you may not be able … Read more

How To Install PPV [Pay Per View ] On Firestick – Complete Guide

To watch your favorite sport or movie, you can use the PPV On Kodi, PPV is Pay Per View, which means that users have to pay for every time they are watching a certain video. With the development of HD quality channels and different new changes on the Internet, PPV is becoming more and more common and … Read more

How to Write a Fax Cover Sheet with Example and Sample

Fax cover sheets are essential when you are sending a Fax to someone, for that Sample Fax Cover Sheet are provided here to help you out to build your own quality Fax Cover Sheets. These Fax cover sheets help ensure the sender that the fax gets to the correct destination, that is to the person … Read more

How To Write A Weekly Report – [Complete Guide]

Writing a Weekly Report is an effective way to keep track of your weekly progress, to demonstrate your management that you are doing things right and are on the right track. It ensures that you keep a record of all your work so that your superiors can review and appreciate all the activities you have … Read more

How To Write Confidential Fax Cover Sheet – Step to Step Guide

A fax cover sheet is an important piece of paper companies like to send before the actual fax, these can be downloaded by users instead of building their own as Fax Cover Sheet Template. Their intended purpose is to identify the sender an provide some information on the enclosed documents as well as the recipient and … Read more

How To Kick A Football – Step To Step Guide

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