How To Say Merry Christmas In German With Prounciation

Christmas, as we all know is the annual festival celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ in western culture. It falls on 25th December and is usually celebrated by decorating Christmas trees, lots of food and fanfare! However, not all the countries celebrate this festival as it is not in their culture. But, some have started to adapt Christmas in acknowledgment of the festival’s importance to other countries.

Pronounce Merry Christmas in German

If you are from one of those cultures who does not celebrate Christmas but want to impress your German friend with culturally-appropriate Christmas phrases, here is how you can do so.

How To Say Merry Christmas In German

In the German language, “Merry Christmas is pronounced as “Frohe Weihnachten”. It directly translates to the original phrase.


merry Christmas in German

The Germans tend to follow their own rules when it comes to language, and the language has its own rules while we try to pronounce a word in the German language. Once you have memorized the rules, it will be more efficient for you to say something in German, even if it is a new word.

Here are tips on how to say “Frohe Weihnachten” to someone.


Merry Christmas pronunciation in German

Merry Christmas In German Pronunciation

Pointer #1 Make sure you do not pronounce the “h” in the words. The h is silent, if not a very subtle breath

Pointer #2 You must take care of the “ch” in the second word, this is different then what you pronounce in English.

The pronunciation is better learned when you hear it, and for that, here is a video that you can watch ~

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