How To Measure Ring Size At Home

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Getting engaged? Wow! Congratulations!! In this age of getting everything done online, and being able to access anything around the world in just one tap, we really do not need to get out of the comfort of our homes to run errands, get food etc. We can buy anything we want from an online store, all we need is to Measure Ring Size and a payment method.

measure ring size at home

How To Check Ring Size For Finger

Now if you are shopping for your rings, you must know the exact size your finger in which you are going to wear the ring, If you do not know the exact size, you can always measure the ring size without having to go to the Jewelers shop.

According to the jewelers in the states, for a perfect fit, your ring must be snug enough to not fall away and loose enough to let your knuckles fit into them.

Before taking the measurement, consider these pointers ~

  • Remember your knuckles, your knuckles are a little larger than your full finger. Add half a size to the measurement
  • Measure your finger multiple times to make you got the right choice Because even a single millimeter could make a huge difference

How To Measure Ring Size In Cm

Let us begin with the tutorial

Method 1. Using a thread or thin strip of paper

You need ~ A Piece of paper, Scissors, Tape measure of Ruler, and a pen

Step 1. Cut a thin and long strip of paper, or just take the thread.

How To Measure Ring Size At Home

Step 2. Wrap it around your finger just below the knuckle

Step 3. Mark where the end meet, and use the ruler to measure

Step 4. Compare this measurement with the chart of ring size, you will find your ring size


Ring Size Chart

Method 2. Use the ring you already own

There are two ways to know your ring size by the ring you already own. Either printout the actual length of the chart on a paper and measure with it.

Or you can measure the diameter of the ring with a ruler and then compare it with the chart given below ~

Measure Ring size

Method 3. The ring sizer

There is a tool in the market which is used by professional jewelers to measure the ring size. It is just a bunch of rings of different sizes, which you have to try on to know your size.

Riing size measure

Printable Ring Size Chart

Here is the Ring size chart that you can print to use at your home ~

Ring size chart

Knowing your ring size is always the best idea, and where to measure is best other than the comfort of your home. With these methods that we provided, you surely would have learned to measure your ring size.

Were you able to accomplish the task of measuring your ring size? Do comment and tell us if you were able to.

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