How To Lose Belly Fat At Home With And Without Exercise

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Do you know what every second girl is afraid of? What a man cannot afford in his days of being a Casanova? And what could ruin a Victoria’s Secret model’s career? The answer is Belly Fat, the unwanted and stubborn enemy that comes to stay. If you are here, I can understand what you are going through. I myself was going through the same during my final year of University. I used to Google “How To Lose Belly Fat Fast” or “Ways To Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise” occasionally.  But like every other day, I didn’t lose even an inch by just randomly reading articles about it. I read and worked on it. And now, I can proudly say that I can wear crops anytime.

How To Lose Belly Fat

I am sharing all the details that I followed along with some others that I found interesting on the internet to help you out to gain that supermodel figure that you always loved. And yes, this is for men too. After all, they too look stunning with abs.

How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally

I began by taking some small steps to lose the bad fat that I had accumulated on my belly and waist area by eating junk every other day from the University mess. Directly jumping on cardio and treadmill is never a good idea when you want to reduce the bad fat in a healthy and natural way.

Small Step #1 Begin with a simple routine. Start waking up early, drink a glass of lukewarm water, and go for a walk. This is the simplest, yet most effective routine that you can follow to get your metabolism the way it is supposed to be. Long walks a great way to start your day and your path to having a perfect belly.

Small Step #2 Antioxidants and garlic are your friends, but trans fats and sweeteners are not. Avoid artificial sweeteners at all cost. Eat more berries, and add garlic to your food. The snacks that you munch on while watching tv shows have trans fat, which is really bad for your health. Swap them for veggies. Munch on carrots, berries, and other vegetables.

Small Step #3 Remember that I said that you should start waking up early? How will that be possible if you keep on scrolling through memes? Retire to bed early, except for the days when you have a really important meeting in the evening, or you crack a big deal – then you must go to a nice restaurant and treat yourself.

Small Step #4 And lastly, you must eat at the right time. Breakfast to dinner, every meal must be planned and scheduled. Occasional munching on snacks must be stopped, and the intake of liquids (not alcohol) must be increased. No eatables after dinner or in bed.

Yes, these are quite a few rules. But these will get your body ready for the crazy routine that you will have to follow to get your beach body ready.

What Causes Belly Fat

We are trying to lessen something that we don’t know how we got it. Some blame on the genetics, some on their cooks, only a few of us know the right reason. Do you know what is the reason behind that junk on your tummy? If you said that it is because of your irregular eating habits and stressful office hours then you are absolutely right.

The life that we are living and the way we are living it is what creates the difference. If you are thinking – “But I don’t eat junk food, eat on time, and don’t work in irregular timings. I still got the belly fat”. Then I must tell you that this is not the only reason for getting fat around your waist. There are a lot of other factors that cause the belly fat to grow.

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