Download Kinemaster Mod v3(Unlocked 2019) For Mobile Devices

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Looking for a free version of premium Kinemaster Mod V3? Want the features on the older version back on your device? Install the apk from this page to get all that for free.

It is one thing to edit any video on your computer, but to have that power while you are on a tour with your friends is completely on a different level. If you are someone like me who loves to have a companion tool which can help you out in editing various videos, adding animations in those videos, and sharing them on my social media – all while enjoying an evening on a train to somewhere, then Kinemaster is for you.

Kinemaster mod install

There are many things that this application has to offer – multilayers, crazy animations, stickers, and a lot more. You can never get bored while using this as your permanent video editor. Most video editors which are available on the AppStore have a limited number of options to edit your videos. But that is not the case with Kinemaster. You get everything that you could ask for. Yes, there are a few downsides too, but they are so minute that you won’t even notice.

This application will surely fulfill your expectations.

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Kinemaster Application Review

Difference between Kinemaster and other video editors

When you compare Kinemaster and a few other video editors which are popular among video editors, the first thing you will notice is that this app does not have a media section of its own. Unlike others, it solely depends on the device’s media storage and camera roll.

Every time you need to edit a video you will have to import it from your library. Not ideal, but it doesn’t affect the usability and user experience. You can edit the video as on any software on windows for video editing (not the high-end ones though!).

If we talk about the interface of the application, it is quite impressive to see how the devs have done a lot in a very limited space. You have every tool that you might need only a touch away and you can summon them anytime. Insert any sticker or any external image in just a few seconds.

In the end, what makes this application superior is the ability to preview the video while editing and then sharing the same on any social media site directly from the application. Rad!

Kinemaster App Features

Kinemaster App Features

Now when we talk about the features, I do that a lot in my other Kinemaster blogs as I did in Kinemaster pro version blog in which I talk about how the editor has Intuitive editing feature. and in another one on Kinemaster mod apk v6 where I discussed how the application can do magic! Just kidding. It is multi-track audio compatibility so you can add 8 or more audio tracks on your video simultaneously.

Let’s take a look at the key “selling” features which Kinemaster devs are very proud of:

1. Moment to moment editing – This means you can trim/crop/add layers exactly where you need them to be. Similarly, audio could be tweaked where ever you need it to be changed.

2. Preview during editing – I don’t think any other video editor provides this feature (comment if I am wrong). You can preview the video every time you make a change. You don’t have to wait for the complete editing process to be done before looking at the changes you made and then going back.

3. Layers in the video – You get all the cool features like texts, stickers, images, and more. But what’s the use if you cannot add them to the video? You can add layers in the video to attach the ‘images or stickers or anything as a matter of fact.

4. Multiple audio tracks – Kinemaster allows you to add 8 or more audio tracks to your video simultaneously. This is really great for only a mobile editor.

5. Control the speed of the video – Nothing new, yes. But what is I told you that you can add time-lapse, ultimate slow-mo and that too without any pitch distortion?

And there numerous such features that you can experience and enjoy on the Kinemaster application for your Android or Apple device.

Now, to say that all these features are absolutely free, it would be an exaggeration. The app description does say that it has in-app purchases. What’s more? There is a watermark on every video you edit, and to remove it you need to purchase the premium version.

*Closes the Appstore and opens the laptop to use the video editing software*

Download Kinemaster Mod V3 APK Without Watermark

To resolve this, you can install the modded application of the same from this page. You will find the link in the download section. Not sure how to install? Visit my blog on Kinemaster installation guide to learn how easy it is to install the application on your Android.

Download the application

The usage of this application is moderate and any professional or amateur can work on it effectively to create beautiful videos. The videos that you create with Kinemaster are supported on almost all the platforms.

A comprehensive video editing application that can be used by everyone with basic knowledge of using a smartphone. Creating engaging and professional-level videos are why this application is popular among social media influencers.

What is your Kinemaster story? Share with us in comments.