How To Kill Bed Bugs Permanently Naturally

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A bed bug is a kind of mammal which belongs to the habitat of those insects which generally feed on humans. This is a very common bug which is generally found almost everywhere where the humans do exist, such as in the bed, furniture, schools and almost at every other corner of the house, and due to that, the majority of us is always looking for the ways that how to kill bed bugs.

how to kill bed bugs
It may cause significant discomfort to the humans when the bed bugs accumulate themselves in the large amount, and since they feed on the humans thus it may cause the infections and other kinds of the diseases to the humans. This is why regular pest control is often offered to kill the bed bugs from time to time.

So, are you also fed up and is troubled by the bed bugs for a long time now? If yes then we are going to offer you a solution for that in our article, which would help you to get rid of the bed bugs even without calling the regular pest control. 

How to Get rid of Bed Bugs Fast for Good 

Bed bugs may cause some serious kinds of effect on the human skin which may often become very critical and requires urgent attention. You may use the bed bug repellent for the skin to get rid of such conditions but what you actually need to do is to get rid of the bugs at the very first place. 


How to Get rid of Bed Bugs Fast for Good 

Here below is our step by step guide which will help you in this regard to get rid of the bugs. 

  • First of all, going with any particular solution you just need to find out the presence of the bed bug and here keep in your mind that they can be around anywhere in your house and not just in the bed. 
  • Check out the whole furnishing of your house to find the traces of them such as furniture and fittings of the entire house.
  • You need to dismantle your bed completely and also empty the nightstand or the dresser as this is the other place where you can find the existence of the bedbugs.
  • Now you need to follow the pest control approach to get rid of them after you find their existence.
  • There are certain chemicals available in the market which you can use to apply them at the site for the sanitation of the hidden bed bugs.
  • The other method is to spray the hot water on the sites using the steam which is the decent way of getting them out.
  • If you are having the mats and the mattress in your house then conduct the complete vacuum process to remove the bed bugs and their eggs.
  • If there are any cracks in the house then use the spray into the cracks as there might be a significant amount of the bed bugs into the cracks or the holes.
  • You can also use the several insecticides as are available in the market to remove and kill the bed bugs.
  • If any of your household items are severely affected by the bed bugs then it would be a good choice to discard the item from your living room such as the piece of furniture as it may spread the existence of the bed bugs around.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress 

A mattress is the other place where the bed bugs are found in a very common manner and often bites the human while they are in sleep.

So, if you are lately dealing with the mattress bed bugs then we are providing you with the step by step guide below, which will help you in getting rid of them.

  • Dismantle your bed completely and take out the mattress from it.
  • You need to keep the hot water with a minimum temperature of around 46 degrees or more.
  • Just rinse the mattress within that water or you may spray using the water over the mattress. 
  • The temperature above the 46 degrees is unbearable to the bed bugs and they become forced to leave any object which has that much temperature. 
  • You can take out the mattress on a sunny hot day and keep them under the exposure of sun and if the temperature gets as a high as 46 degrees then chances are here that the bed bugs would be forced to leave.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress 

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently 

When it comes to sorting out the household things such as the bed bugs then we all tend to resort to the home remedies to get rid of them. There are many bed bug repellent homemade, which can help you in that context and here in this section, we are going to share some of them with you below that you can try at your home.

  • Baking Soda 

This is a very powerful and effective home remedy to kill the bed bugs naturally without getting anything from market to them. Baking soda basically has the properties which completely dries out the bed bugs, and drain the moisture out of them and they become perished within a short period of time.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently 
All you need to do is just put out the layer of the baking soda over your household stuff such as a bed, furniture, etc and leave it overnight. It will do the rest of the job on its own you can conduct the several session of it to get rid of the bed bugs naturally.

  • Tea Tree Oil 

This is the other decent home remedy to get rid of the bed bugs as it has the antibacterial, and the antifungal properties which kill the bed bugs and the other such insects over a period of time.

bed bug repellent homemade

You just need to take the tea tree oil and mix it with the hot water exceeding the temperature of 46 degrees, and then simply spray it over your things where you suspect the bed bugs and leave it for a period of time.

  • Vacuum the Household Supplies 

Well, this is the basic procedure which will keep the bed bugs away from your house if you just use it consistently.

bed bug repellent homemade

The bed bugs grow and thrive in the unhygienic places and if you vacuum your all household fitting from time to time, then it will clean up the chances of bed bug survival as well.

  • Peppermint Leaves 

This is the other natural household remedy in our list which has the potential to keep you free from the attack of bed bugs. Take the peppermint leaves and extract the oil from them and leave the leaves on your bed.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently 

After that, you can use the extracted oil with the hot water to spray on the bed and other things.

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs with Vinegar 

Well, the vinegar spray is a very commonly used spray to get rid of the bed bugs effectively. If you are also willing to try out your hands on this remedy, then follow our below-mentioned guide.

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs with Vinegar 

  • You need to have the white vinegar with you which you can easily get from the market.
  • Now fill an empty spray bottle with this white vinegar and you are good to go ahead.
  • Now you just need to soak the household things with this spray such as your bed, furniture, cracks, and holes, etc.
  • The fragrance of the vinegar will attract the bed bugs at one place where you can kill them using the other sprays or the vinegar can also kill them taking some amount of time.

Homemade Bed Bug Spray Alcohol 

There is an alcohol which is specifically known by the name of the rubbing alcohol and can be used to get rid of the alcohol. It is a proven home remedy for the bed bugs in the majority of the cases and here is how you can use it. 

Homemade Bed Bug Spray Alcohol 

  • First of all, you need to buy the rubbing alcohol from your local store and put it into the spray bottle.
  • Now before using it just conduct a complete vacuum in the household at all suspect areas such as the bed, furniture, cracks and throw the extract far from the house.
  • Now just take out the extra clothes from your furniture and the bed or any other such objects.
  • You need to pack them withing the beg and then spray them using the rubbing alcohol by taking them out of the house.
  • Now just cover the entire household to spray the rubbing alcohol such as your bed, fittings, furniture, holes, cracks, drawer, wardrobe, etc.
  • This spray can also be used by human to spray on themselves to save them from the bites of the bed bugs.

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