How to See Greece in a Week | 7-day Itinerary

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The perfect Greece trip includes a bit of everything – a little sightseeing, much of the Greek cuisine, some spontaneous explorations, and guided tours. And it is highly possible to hit the essentials in just one week’s time. However, for that, you will need a stellar itinerary and the best possible planning. So, let’s waste no more time and plan this fabulous 7-day Greek trip together!

Days 1-3: Thessaloniki and Athens

Start your Greek adventure the right way! By visiting the country’s two most prominent and probably most important cities, you are setting yourself the perfect Greek aesthetic to start exploring. So, let’s see your options for the first three days of your trip.

  • Thessaloniki

Known as the co-reigning city of the Byzantine Empire alongside Constantinople, Thessaloniki is full of significant historical heritage sites and a distinct vibe of an ancient cityscape.

Start with visiting the most popular and signature monument – the White Tower. Dating back to the 16th century, when Greece was facing a lot of dramatic difficulties, the tower was used as a prison during the Ottoman occupation. The prisoners were often tortured and executed, earning the tower the name of the Tower of Blood.

To enjoy a bit of the famous Greek nature, you have probably heard about, check out Thessaloniki’s Waterfront and take a relaxing stroll along the seaside!

We also suggest making time and exploring some of the most gorgeous archeological sites, like the Ancient Agora, the Arch of Galerius, and the famous Rotunda of Galerius.

  • Athens

Now that you have warmed up to the idea of Greece, it is time to dive into the deep end. As the capital and the most historically rich city, Athens will require your full attention!

Rising up in the center of Athens, the famous Acropolis is the number one monument you should see to understand the country in-depth. The limestone upland has some of the most important monuments in the country, like the Parthenon! Home of philosophers who questioned the existence, democracy, history, and freedom of speech, Acropolis is a must-explore site in Greece.

However, the artifacts and monuments that could not be held and preserved in Acropolis any longer are now moved to the Acropolis Museum, which we also recommend! Not only will you see more of the ancient civilization, but you also get to learn about its development, historical background, and some interesting facts!

Also, make your way to see the Roman Agora, a collection of buildings established during the rule of Julius and Augustus Ceasar. Enter through the Gates of Athena and explore what is the world’s first meteorological center!

Other than these essential monuments, explore the city in its day-to-day life. Try out the Greek cuisine, meet people, and enjoy the quaint Mediterranean vibe!


Days 4-5: Corfu

Famous for being one of the most popular summer holiday destinations, Corfu is actually perfect for whatever type of free time you are looking for.

For example, start by exploring Corfu’s Old Town or Kerkyra! The Old Town is protected by UNESCO and has a line of gorgeous Venetian houses, the Statue of Georgios Theotokis, Spilias Square, and Saint Spyridon Church.

We also suggest visiting the Vlacherna Monastery, probably the most iconic site in Corfu. It can only be reached by a small track of water, and the seaside backdrop makes it for the perfect picturesque scenery!

St. George’s Church in Kerkyra is one of the most beautiful and certainly the most Greek monuments here in Corfu. Looking like a Doric temple, St. George’s was actually built by the British in the 19th century. However, with columns and an ivory exterior, it fits right into the cityscape of Corfu, standing proud and beautiful like a gem.


Days 6-7: Santorini and Crete

One more beautiful than the other, Santorini and Crete are both perfect to end your big Greek holiday! After spending most of the week exploring and finding out the most about Greece, Santorini and Crete are the two pillars of relaxation and a bit of fun.

Spend your sixth day enjoying Fira, Santorini’s capital. The picturesque white houses with the Mediterranean background you have been seeing everywhere are very real and accessible. So, enjoy your stay at the authentic Santorini housing, and remember to peek out in the evening – the entertainment and celebrations are never-ending!

Lastly, end your trip in Crete. Of course, just like in Santorini, we also suggest walking around the charming narrow valleys and streets, enjoying a cocktail and a late dinner, but if you are up for some last-minute exploration, we have something for that, too!

For example, the Heraklion Archeological Museum and the Arkani Monastery, just 20 kilometers southeast of Rethymno, the third largest city in Crete!

There you go! Follow our suggestions on this one-week itinerary, and the rest will fall into place. Enjoy the ancient history, monumental sites, and the sunny, lovely Greek vibe. Have fun!