How To Replace a Headlight Bulb Yourself

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Looking to save money on your auto maintenance? Replacing a headlight bulb is a surprisingly easy task that takes minimal tools and only a few hours of your time. If your headlight isn’t working or it’s reaching the end of its life, find out how to replace a headlight bulb yourself and learn how to buy online pick up in-store to save time and money.

Why “Buy Online Pick up in Store” Option Can Save You Time & Money

Shopping in-store can take more time than online shopping. Even with a friendly customer service agent, it takes time to enter your vehicle information, discuss the pros and cons of different bulbs, and make a purchase.

Online shopping makes it easy to find the parts you need. You can search for parts that may not be available at your local store, and customer reviews help you weigh your options. Unfortunately, online shopping usually comes with shipping costs and time.

Buying online and picking up in-store combines the benefits of both. Don’t spend additional time discussing the right headlight bulb or other auto components in-store, and don’t pay for shipping costs. This convenient purchasing method is great if you’re in a hurry or if you want to take your time reviewing all your options.

Instructions on How To Easily Change a Headlight Bulb

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Once you pick up a headlight in the store, it’s time to replace it. Park your vehicle on flat ground in a well-lit area. Wait for your car to completely cool down, as you’ll need to be working in the engine compartment.

Gather the necessary tools and equipment for this project. You’ll need replacement bulbs, a few hand tools, and safety gear. A screwdriver, ratchet set, gloves, and safety goggles should be enough to safely replace your headlight.

Next, open the hood of your vehicle and look at the back covers of your two headlight assemblies. They should be secured with either bolts or screws. Some vehicles have other components that need to be removed to access them, such as an air filter housing.

Remove the cover and access the light bulb. Some bulbs pull back directly, while others require a quarter turn or half turn. Use caution, as headlight bulbs can be fragile. Carefully remove the old bulb and prepare your new bulb. Don’t touch a light bulb with your bare hands, but always wear gloves when handling to prevent your skin’s natural oils from damaging the surface.

Always replace both headlights at once. Even if one is still working properly, it’s typically near the end of its life if the other bulb isn’t working anymore. You’re already working on your headlights, so it’s more efficient to swap out both bulbs at once.

Once your new bulb is in, it’s time to replace the components and test your headlights. You may need to adjust your new headlight bulbs to achieve the proper beam angle and direction. Now that you know how to replace a headlight, order online to enjoy easy in-store pickup. Save time and money by maintaining your own vehicle.

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