How To Play Blackjack Poker Game?

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What is one thing you expect when playing a casino game? Obviously, you want to win. However, winning a casino game is not as easy as it seems. As people say, the house always wins, so you cannot beat the house.

Having said that, the odds and return-to-player ratio also impact the winning amount. To address this concern, we have come up with a suitable casino game, blackjack poker. It is one of the variations of the widely played blackjack game.

By the end of the article, you will learn everything about the game, what the game is about, such as how to play, its differences from the traditional blackjack game, and other relevant information. Without wasting your time, sit back and roll with us.

What is the Blackjack Poker Game?

The game – Blackjack Poker is a form of Blackjack played with a 52-card deck. The game’s objective is to score the highest-ranking card. This ranking can be achieved by the player and player-dealer when they add their card number value to have a high-ranking hand as possible according to its unique chart.

For example, if a two-card hand is both ace of hearts and has a total numerical value of 22, the highest-ranking hand will beat all other playing hands.

How to Play Blackjack Poker Game?

Playing the Blackjack poker game is straightforward and almost like the traditional one. Below, we bring you steps on how you can play blackjack poker:

  • Choose Your Preferred Casino: This is the very first thing you need to do. Selecting your preferred online casino platform is essential because the offers available will determine your playing experience.
  • Set Aside Your Total Playing Bankroll: This is the second thing you need to do. It is vital to carve out your total bankroll for playing and not exceed it when playing.
  • Put Down Your Bet/Stake Your Pot: Your stake amount for the particular game session you participate in.
  • Wait for the Player-dealer to deal the cards (the cards are dealt face down).
  • After the player-dealer has dealt the cards, a series of card comparisons occur to check the players with the highest ranked cards (see cards ranking in the tables below), which happens in a clockwise direction.
  • To determine the winner, the following Blackjack Poker game rules apply:
Blackjack Poker Dealt Cards OutcomeRule Applied
Player-dealer and player hand features two aces of heartsHands Push and no action is taken on stake
Player-dealer and player hand features 21 or less and has exact cards numerical value totalHands Push and no action is taken on stake
Player-dealer and player hand features 21 or less and not the exact card numerical value totalThe hand much closer to 21 will win, according to the chart below.
Two-card ace of hearts handThe hand owner beats every other hand
When the player-dealer’s hand is a 3-card, that totals 26, and the player’s hand ranks 22 or higherThe hand pushes, and no action is taken on the stake. If not, the player’s hand will lose.

Blackjack Poker Card Ranking and Chart: Difference Between Blackjack Poker Game and Traditional Blackjack

The rules are the main difference between traditional Blackjack and the Blackjack Poker game. Below is a table outlining card values and ranking.

Card RankingNumerical Value
King, Queen, Jack, Ten10
Ace1 or 11 with all cards
Two through NineHold their face value

For a more detailed information table, the hand value ranking for Blackjack Poker from the highest to lowest card rank:

Blackjack Poker Card RankPlayer Hand RequirementsGame Payout
1Two Aces of Hearts3:1
2A Blackjack consisting of an Ace, Face card, or a ten6:5
3Two Hearts Aces after splitEven Payout
4Ace-Face or 10 after splitEven Payout
5Combination of cards with a total value of 21Even Payout
6Combination of cards with a total value of 20Even Payout
7Combination of cards with a total value of 19Even Payout
8Combination of cards with a total value of 18Even Payout
9Combination of cards with a total value of 17Even Payout
10Combination of cards with a total value of 16Even Payout
11Combination of cards with a total value of 15Even Payout
12Combination of cards with a total value of 14Even Payout
13Combination of cards with a total value of 13Even Payout
14Combination of cards with a total value of 12Even Payout

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Blackjack Poker is an interesting variant of traditional Blackjack. This game is available in most online casinos and is considered easy to play. While the rules might look complicated at first look, it is straightforward during gameplay.

Also, as with every other betting or casino game, money management is vital as well as your choice of playing platform. We hope this content provides you with every info you need about the Blackjack Poker casino game. Thanks for reading!