How To Make Moon Water and How To Use It

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Throughout history, astrologers and mystics have always agreed that there is a mystical power when it comes to the moon. It is believed that the moon is a powerful tool when it comes to manifestation and magic.

What Is Moon Water?

Moon water is

typically charged at night under a full moon. This is the ideal time for charging the water with the moon’s energy. However, you can also make moon water under a Gibbous moon which is when the moon is almost a full moon. It is essential to know that you should never make moon water during an eclipse. The energy of an eclipse will overpower any of the lunar energy you would receive from the moon. This will make water that will do more harm than good.

Moon water is simple to create and incredibly beneficial. The first step in creating moon water is to leave water outside underneath the moonlight. The reason for this is due to the energetic connection between the moon and water. You can add certain things to your moon water to give it that extra boost, whether that be an intention of yours or a crystal.

How To Make Moon Water

There a few steps one should take when it comes to preparing your moon water.

Choose The Correct Container

The first step to creating moon water is finding the correct container. You want to use a glass jar if possible, this will be the most ideal container for harvesting all of the moon’s energy. You also want to fill this container with rainwater if possible, but any kind of water will work. No matter which kind of water you use, you should always be sure it is safe to drink if you plan on doing so.

We recommend keeping your jar covered, this will help keep your water clean by keeping things such as debris or bugs from flying into your jar.


Find The Perfect Spot

You want to find a location for your container that has direct moonlight. Whether that be on a table in your backyard, in your window, or out on your patio. You want to make sure wherever your container is, that it is getting direct moonlight. After all, we are trying to harvest as much energy as possible!

Know Your Intention For Using The Water

It’s critical that you know what you are using this water for prior to creating the moon water. When you set your water container out under the moon, you should make an affirmation or prayer over the container to set your intentions for your water.

Another good idea is to place a few crystals on top of the container. This will give your water extra amplification of moon energy.

Leave Your Container Out Overnight

Your final step in creating moon water is to level your container out overnight. This is going to allow you to gather as much moon energy as possible. Come the following morning, your container of moon water will be ready for whatever you planned on using it for!

How To Make Moon Water and How To Use It 1

4 Moon Water Uses

Now that you have made your moon water, you have a wide variety of options for its use. Some of those options are:

  1. Adding your moon water to a ritual bath – When you add moon water to your bathtub, you create a powerful way to cleanse, clarify, and recharge your energy. It is recommended to take a moon water ritual bath at least twice a month.
  2. Watering your plants – Moon water is perfect for watering your plants because it will help your plants the boost they desperately need.
  3. Cleaning Your Home – You can use moon water to clean your home. If you mix the water into your favorite cleaning solution, you will create the perfect tool for cleaning as well as cleansing and re-energizing aspects of your home.
  4. Making Tea – One of the best ways to consume moon water is to make tea with the water. This will help realign your body’s energy and cleanse yourself.

Closing Thoughts

Moon water is believed to have incredible powers. If you follow our guide, you will quickly be on your way to harvest the power of the moon for any number of uses.

Remember, you should consume moon water at least twice a month to help keep your body aligned. You also never want to drink eclipse water as the eclipse’s power will outweigh the lunar power stored within the water. We also recommend watering your plants with moon water as it will give them a huge boost in overall health! There are plenty of uses for moon water, and we know that once you start adding moon water into your life, you will see a positive difference!