How To Determine Household Goods Weight for Moving?

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Moving is always a hustle and a hassle. If you could whip out a wand, tap your belongings and fit them into a gym bag for moving, I highly doubt whether moving would have spawned the burgeoning industry in existence. However, you now have to rely on moving services to get you moving to your next home.

Here is how you go about it.

1. Determine what you need to be moved and what you need to be stored.

The first step to moving is to figure out what you are going to be moving. In a good number of cases, you could be moving into a smaller apartment. However, this would necessitate having to put several of your items in storage.

Whenever you are planning a move, it would be best to know everything that will have to be moved. If it is everything in your home, then you are good to go. However, if you are putting some things into storage, it would be best to separate the items to be moved from those to be stored.

Separating your storage items will make things easier for you when it comes to packing and calculate the combined weight for moving.

2. Get in contact with moving companies.

This might sound like jumping the gun, but it is absolutely essential.

Different moving companies offer different rates. The entire purpose of getting in touch with moving companies is to gather the different rates they offer so you can determine which company will best suit your needs.

Some companies have special rates, especially if you are going beyond certain distances. These rates can help you save money when you have the total weight of the items you will be moving.

The movers will also furnish you with quotes that are tied to the relocation job. Some jobs require more effort than others. Good examples are with narrow hallways and doorways or moving down a number of flights of stairs.

According to relocation professionals What Removals, reputable companies will have all your belongings fully-insured, so you don’t worry of potential risk and damage.


Unloading moving boxes

3. Make a weight estimation.

Yes, that is exactly what the moving company will do when you get in touch with them for a quote. So why wouldn’t you do it yourself? Then, you might be able to get a lower price estimate.

When you make a weight estimation of the items you will be moving and add them up, you start to get an idea of the work needed for the move. The estimated weight will factor significantly into the quote that the moving company will give you.

Each company will give you their best quote for the estimation you have provided and the distance the household goods will be moving. From there, you can take the offer that sounds the best to you.

4. Use an online Calculator

Well, not everyone is great at guesstimating stuff. For example, a sofa looks like something that could weigh around 245 pounds, but depending on the materials used to construct it, the weight could be more or less. This uncertainty is terrible, and you will need some help.

Enter online calculators.

These are tools built all over the internet to help the guesstimate challenged to come up with estimates for the items they will be moving. Online calculators can be found on moving company websites and sources such as the military’s moving service.

Online calculators will have weight estimations of common items such as sofas, air conditioning units, chests, and their different types, desks according to sizes, among many other things.

The online calculator will also take a great deal of math off your head. You only need to enter the quantity of each item to be moved in the correct box, and you get your total weight at the end of the calculations.