How to Create a Safe Space on the Internet

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The safety of your community is not only about complying with safety certifications, but also about providing total comfort. Read more about what you can do for your members.

Your safety is determined by your actions

Whether you are creating an online community or you are a regular user, you need to make sure you are safe every step of the way. Companies with online platforms must be responsible for the safety of their users. The safety of users or members of an online community is determined by several factors: the security of the devices when working with online resources, information transparency, the user’s accessibility to information about the company’s activities.

When it comes to your personal safety as a user, you have to be conscientious on your own. Among other browser extensions that provide security, the most popular and useful is VPN. As one of the best free VPN for Chrome, it simply and productively increases the user’s personal security. In fact, having a VPN is necessary for cybersecurity, especially if you personally can’t trust 100% online resources for any of the reasons. Read more about ways to protect yourself and your online community below.

What makes an online space safe?

The safety of online space lies in the observance of a few certain factors. These factors are:

  • Compliance by the owners of the online community with the principles of safe online space.
  • Informing users of the purpose for which certain information is being collected.
  • Providing complete information about community activity.
  • Supporting the users in information and technical terms.

By creating a safe space, you increase the confidence of members of the online community and support their desire to use your online resource safely.

Being a user, it is insanely important for you to ensure security on your end. By relying on the responsibility of the creators of the resource you use, you can miss out on possible risks. That’s why installing a VPN-free extension is the bare minimum that will help you feel more secure.

No one can argue that personal data protection is one of the top priorities these days. Installing reliable extensions and programs to protect your computer is the base to start with.

What is a virtual safe space?

A safe virtual space is an online community that focuses on informing certain groups of people about their rights and opportunities, but at the same time ensuring their safety. Similarly, UNICEF has created a number of communities for adolescent girls and women, and children living in disadvantaged neighborhoods. These online resources provide people with accurate information about rights and entitlements, along with a list of links to official studies. Creating an online community is the key to the mental and physical peace of hundreds of thousands of people. From understanding the importance of such communities, we can also realize how important it is to ensure the mental safety of its members as well as their cybersecurity.

As we have already understood, the mental safety of users depends entirely on the security level of the platform in combination with the provision of clear and understandable information about the company’s activities. When a user asks themselves how to stay safe online, then it’s purely about the individual’s awareness of the steps they need to take to ensure their cybersecurity.

We are sure that you will not continue to use the website if your antivirus or one of the extensions in your browser warns you about the presence of malicious content. In order to be aware of possible risks, you should at least start by installing such programs. Make sure your personal data is safe and consume the content provided freely.

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Use simple and reliable ways to ensure cybersecurity

What is your goal: do you want to provide assurance to your community members or are you yourself a user who doubts the reliability of your daily online resources? When you care about developing your own online resource, make sure that the technology platform is reliable and that users have no reason not to trust you. Make sure that your privacy policy is compliant and personal data is secure. Creating separate information pages, topic pages for specific social groups, and a simple and secure registration form for new users will create additional trust.

Each user has the right to choose and may not return to the use of a certain online resource if something threatens his safety. That is why experienced users are concerned about the security of their data and their computer. This is especially true when you use public Internet connections, such as working and browsing in cafes and restaurants. Make sure you’ve taken steps to protect your device if your local Internet connection may be questionable. No one will be able to track your data when a VPN-free extension has been pre-installed.

Remember that you should never download suspicious files, especially from those platforms that you previously did not get familiar with. Combine all these tips with forming secure passwords when you sign up for any online portal. It is then that you will ensure your personal safety as a conscious Internet user.