How to Compress a PDF File: Tips and Recommendations for Users

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Gradually, almost all issues related to working with documents are moving to the electronic version. The online mode makes it very easy to communicate with partners, colleagues, and clients, and many processes become more comfortable for all the participants. It is extremely important to be able to choose the right file format and software to work with it. For example, PDF files have become very important. They are used practically in all directions and spheres. It would be hard to find anyone who does not use them in his/her activities. Modern applications enable users to write on PDF online, as well as perform many other tasks. Sometimes users have situations where they need to reduce the size of the file. There are many ways to combine PDF, as well as to cope with many other tasks. All you need to do is familiarise yourself with the specifics of this format and the peculiarities of the tasks that users may encounter. 

Converting PDF to Word and Other Ways to Make the File Size Smaller

The PDF format appeared quite a long time ago. The rapidly growing number of software options that are designed to edit a PDF online confirms the relevance of this format for many fields and industries. 

In fact, the popularity of the PDF format is not surprising. It opens up a lot of opportunities for users to work with documents. For example, with the help of this format, it is possible to share documents with each other, introduce corrections to them online, and even sign them with digital signatures. The peculiarity of PDF files is the fact that they are compatible with virtually any device, regardless of brand and software. Moreover, there is software that enables you to make adjustments to the Files simultaneously on multiple devices that belong to the same user. 

However, sometimes there are situations where you need to merge PDF documents. The reasons can be different, for instance, it is often necessary to reduce the size of the document, because:

  • it is required to forward the file;
  • there is not enough memory on the device;
  • you need to make a copy. 

These are just a few reasons. In fact, there are many more that could be listed as examples. In any case, you may need to learn about PDF splitter and a number of other features. There are different ways to reduce the size of a document. There are several of them that enjoy greater popularity among users. For example, you can try simply saving the file in a different format. You can also use special tools and programs that focus on conversion. Often the conversion of a PDF to a Word document is of great help. 

The Advantages of Using Advanced Versions of the PDF Software Editor

Working with Pdf files is not only about reducing the size of the document. Accordingly, all users require modern software with a large number of options and features, for instance, PDFPlatform is a great choice for this purpose.  

This is a special application with software created by the developers, mainly so that users could fully automate the work with documents of all formats. You can take advantage of the offered application to edit documents, create them from scratch, or use ready-made templates. 

Another unique feature of this service is the availability of an electronic signature. All user can easily create their own digital signatures in just a few clicks. This signature meets all international encryption standards. It is completely secure. You can safely use it to sign any documents. You can easily test this and other features of the software in the trial version, which the developers provide free of charge.