How to Choose the Best Gifts for gamblers

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Gamers are such a great bunch of people to buy for. You get to go outside the traditional gifting box and head straight to the fun stuff! Most of the time, those who love to play casino games will have a lot of the basics, like a set of cards and an account at their favorite casino, casino 888.

So, what are some of the best options to buy for gambling fans in your life?

Sportsbetting Dice

If the person in question loves to place a wager but isn’t always set until the last minute on who they are going to put money on. Then get them some sports betting dice! Add even more fun to their games.

The dies have a few options: numbers, Home, Away, ATS, Units, Moneyline, Over, and Under. The dice are much more interesting than flipping a coin to choose who to bet on; they can help you place the whole bet – and who doesn’t need lucky dice?

Casino slot

Mini Slot Machine Toy Bank

Slot machines always guarantee a good time.

Coin banks are incredibly useful for those gamblers who like to put cash aside to play; get one that looks like a Slot Machine. Slot machine lovers will enjoy it, but for gamblers who stack their cash, it’s a cute nod to their hobby.

The little units look like vintage slot machines. And each pull of the handle will send the reels spinning.

Remember to add a few coins to the money bank before you hand it over for a little extra luck!

Charm Bracelet

 You’ll be hard-pressed to find a gambler that doesn’t believe or have some lucky charm, and some players like to wear theirs. A silver bracelet with traditional lucky charms like clovers, horseshoes, chips, cash signs, and more can be the perfect gift.

Or you could make something a little smaller, and instead of getting a charm bracelet laden with charms, opt for a single silver bracelet (like a Pandora one) and one lucky charm of your choice!

Dice Cup

We’ve mentioned the dice, but what better way to store and play with the dice than with a dice cup? Opt for a sturdy leather dice cup and get their initial printed on it too. If there are special dates or numbers that they find lucky, have these put on too.

Money Clip

 If your gambling friend or a family member plays online a lot but every once in a while likes to head to a land-based casino, then a solid gold engraved money clip is the way to go. What makes money clips a great idea is that they look sleek and are easy to use but can be completely personalized.

You can have names, dates, and words engraved on it – as well as choosing one that has a lucky symbol or a symbol related to their favorite casino game.

Coffee Thermos

For those who are always on the go, a coffee thermos with casino designs on them is ideal! You can get these personalized with things like Poker Master, Slot Queen, or Bingoin’ Mad!

The coffee thermos makes the ideal gift because it can be used for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and even soup. It is a great gift for any occasion; the best part about it is that it is functional too.

Game Room Signage

 If your gambling buddy has a dedicated gaming room, then personalized game signage is a must. There are so many different options, but one of the most popular – and certainly one of the brightest- is a wooden sign with retro lighting options.

When the game room is open, the lights can go on, and you can head over to your buddy’s house to play the night away.

Casino lucky Token

Lucky Token

While many casino games are based on skill and a little luck, most gamblers believe in lucky signs and symbols. Here are a couple of trinkets that you should consider to help them master their craft or take home a big win on the slots:

Laughing Buddha is said to be one of the luckiest symbols, and most people will rub their bellies before they play.

Four-leaf clovers are rare, but it is said that if you have one of these, luck is truly on your side.

Tumi is a Peruvian symbol and has a history of bringing good luck, fortune, and good tidings too.

Horseshoes have been one of the biggest luck legends in the world. A horseshoe hanging at the entrance of a home is believed to ward off evil, negativity, and bad fortunes.

Gamblers oils are for the very superstitious and they contain a blessed oil and notes in a glass jar, said to bring luck to all those who have one.

Since online casino gaming and land-based casinos are such thriving hobbies, there are plenty of great gifting options to choose from. Always keep in mind the type of game they like to play best so that you can get something related to that.