How to choose the best couple retreat

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Spending the rest of your life with your loved one is glorious, no doubt, but sometimes it is important to break out of your day-to-day life and reinvigorate your relationship with a romantic getaway.

Relationships need constant check-ins, and daily routines can quickly lead to taking each other for granted. A couple’s retreat is a wonderful way to bring fresh life to your partnership…as well as a great chance to explore new parts of the world!

But picking the right couple’s retreat is not always easy! Knowing what each of you wants, balancing your likes and dislikes, and finding the perfect spot where you will both be in your happy place can take time and effort.

Luckily, we’re here to help! If you are searching for the perfect couple’s getaway or resort, we’ve got you covered. So before heading straight to the cruise port in Ensenada or packing your bags for LAX, take a look at our tips for picking the perfect couple’s retreat.


Deciding where you want to go should be the first thing on your list, and can be the hardest. Do you want a getaway of peace and tranquility, far from the crowds, with nothing but nature to disturb your sense of zen? A sun-drenched beach where you can sunbathe, swim, and surf until it’s time for cocktails? A rugged mountain adventure full of adrenaline and excitement? Or a cultured city break where museums and art galleries are interspersed with fine dining and swanky bars? Working out the place that suits the needs of both of you before you start planning is vital.

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Money is an awkward topic, even between couples, and can easily spark arguments or uncomfortableness. This is why agreeing on a budget for everything before you set off, or before you even start planning, can go a long way towards making the perfect couple’s vacation. Agreeing how much you want to spend on things like accommodation, travel, activities, and so on in advance, as well as setting a daily budget for food, drink, and random spending ensures that you’ll avoid difficult conversations (or feelings of resentment) during the trip itself. Of course, setting a budget doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to treat yourself and splurge if the occasion demands it! But it means that both of you know what to expect, and eliminates nasty surprises.


Are you a couple who loves climbing mountains, hiking trails, zooming around on jet skis, and jumping out of airplanes? Or are you on the calmer end of things, where the best way to spend your day is with a good book and plenty to eat? Either way, discussing what activities you will want to do during your getaway is vitally important. You don’t want one of you to end up bored, or doing things they don’t want to do!

Couple accommodation


A good couple’s retreat leaves you both feeling relaxed, refreshed, and more in love than ever. So picking the perfect accommodation is incredibly important. As with almost everything about picking the best couple’s retreat, the key here is finding something that you are both excited about. There’s nothing in the couple’s retreat rulebook that says you have to stick with a luxury resort (although that’s a pretty darn good option if that is your style). If you are a more adventurous couple, your accommodation might be a mountain chalet, a treehouse, or even a tent on the beach! The really important thing is that your accommodation ticks all the boxes for both of you. If you have wildly different ideas of what kind of a getaway you want, then try to find accommodation that does a good job all-round. A luxury resort with a great selection of adventure activities, for example, or a boutique hotel in the middle of a European capital.


If food is important to you as a couple, the dining options will play a big part in your choice of getaway. Checking out what food options are going to be available at your chosen destination is really important, and knowing exactly what to expect is a great idea. Given that your vacation is designed to be a retreat from the stress and grind of daily life, it makes sense to avoid places that are self-catering, or just bed and breakfast. You want to relax and treat yourself, after all! A couple’s retreat can be a great opportunity to visit a restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit or taste new cuisine.

Ultimately, a good couple’s retreat is all about communication and compromise. Ensuring that the vacation suits both your needs and desires will ensure that you have a vacation that you will remember for a long time.