How To Choose A Programming Language to Learn If You’re A Novice

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When you have a dream of being a programmer, you want to do it right. You probably have the talent too if you are thinking about languages like functional programming seriously. If you are there, you are ready for the next step of deciding what programming language you want to learn to get there. It’s time to take that leap. Start by learning more about the different kinds of programming languages here.

Functional Programming Defined

Functional programming is a kind of programming that has a different set of commands. If you know anything about programming, you know that a lot of it is imperative command-type coding: i.e. “make x = 1” — whereas in functional code it would read something like “x=1.” This is a very rudimentary way of putting in plain language the difference between imperative programming and functional language in code.

Functional is declarative, and it applies functions that it composes. It is almost mathematical, with very few extraneous variables in play to interfere with your end game of the code.

The purpose of this kind of declarative language in code is to reduce the opportunity for errors. When you are just learning to code, that is a big plus. There are a few key functional programming languages to choose from, with wide-open job fields.

The Python Language

The Python language is among the most popular of our day, although JavaScript is a beauty as well. Python, to many, is easier to learn, with a simple syntax that does not take long to become accustomed to. If you are stressed about the thought of coding and programming, then Python is a great language to think about starting with.

Python is used for web development, data science, and artificial intelligence. It is popular because it is easy, and also because employers love it. Its benefits as a language include being easy to read and learn, and also helping to improve and increase productivity. It is frequently recommended as a choice for beginners.

You will learn line-by-line coding as an interpreted language very quickly with Python. You don’t need to learn how to declare variables or what the data types are with Python, the answers come when you run the code. It makes glitches easy to fix.

As someone new in the field, Python job opportunities are abundant. Another key benefit, this is a functional language that is not going away.

Enjoy Some JavaScript

JavaScript is not the same as Python when it comes to ease of learning. This is not a language you are going to just get accustomed to in a few hours. Still, it is worth learning, as the jobs here are on Google, Walmart, Twitter, Netflix, and many more big tech companies, including big gaming.

This is an excellent language buy Stromectol here for web development and works well with HTML, a fairly easy programming language to learn. Learning HTML in conjunction with JavaScript will also fatten up the resume and improve your job prospects here even more.

Some data indicate that JavaScript and Java coding is requested more in the job market than any other programming language. At the same time, there are almost three JavaScript programmers competing for every one job. It is older than Python and maybe the most sought-after functional coding language to learn as a result.

While it may be a sought-after skill, the market in JavaScript is favoring the employers and not the employees. You have to beef up the resume and have to have talent with your JavaScript skills to get the job that you want. Having a language that is 20 years old behind you when you start hitting the pavement with your CV is not a bad place to be in.

Compatible Kotlin

Good ol’ compatible Kotlin gets along with so many other languages. Kotlin is a favorite application for projects such as Android and, while it is not as popular as JavaScript or Python, it is still a favored code. At the same time, while not as popular, it can be easier to learn than JavaScript, but not as easy to learn as Python. Additionally, Kotlin requires less coding than Java or JavaScript and is a popular choice for those new in the field.

Kotlin is considered a clear functional programming code because it offers a safer and more concise form of programming than declarative languages. It is an Android favorite, and it is also well known to be compatible with many other languages, including Java.

Experienced programmers and developers will say that Kotlin is a problem solver. This language came from techs within the industry, and not from the coding books in the programming courses and universities. It started with JetBrains, and tested and tested and tested code until Kotlin was born. Implementing this language is simple, and can be used in app development and other mainstream applications.

Further, Kotlin’s compatibility with JavaScript will help novice JavaScript programmers pick up a second language very easily, or want to if they want to expand their skill set. As a newbie in the field, you will learn easily that extra skills are important, and Kotlin and Java are languages that get along very well with each other.

The Hybrid of Swift

Swift is a functional programming language, sometimes, and is not the easiest to learn. It may be among the most glamorous languages though, and in 20 years, who knows what they will be saying about Swift. Swift is used in iOS development by Apple, and is kind of Apple’s baby, but is now used in a wide range of applications with other tech companies as well.

This is called a hybrid language because it has a multi-paradigm approach that implements functional coding principles, sometimes. It uses imperative statements but also offers some functional features for developers. The end result is the elegance in programming you see in products like Apple devices.

Pick a Program

Pick a Program

When you are just learning what you want your programming career to look like, knowing there are so many exciting languages out there to learn can feel intimidating. It doesn’t have to. You don’t have to make a life-changing decision on this today. Start with the functional coding language that seems easiest to learn and has the job opportunities to back it up. A clear winner here is Python.

You can learn all of the languages here, and more if you want to be a glamorous and versatile coder. Many programmers do. You can do that. But, when you are just starting in the field, get your feet wet in the waters of simplicity with coding. You’ll know which one it is when you see it.