How to Check Your Credit Card Application Status

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Applying for a credit card online is extremely easy. However, it might take a couple of days for your application to be processed and finally approved for dispatch. Meanwhile, you can opt to do a quick credit card application check. This would help you to assess at what stage is your credit card application with the issuer. If you haven’t applied for a credit card yet, apply for a Credit Card today to avail some exciting benefits!

Different Credit Card Statuses You Can Expect

At any given point in time, your credit card status can reflect any one of the following, depending on its assessment step:

  1. In process: This means that your application is still being reviewed
  2. Approved: This means that your application is approved and your card will reach you shortly
  3. Dispatched: This means that your approved credit card is shipped to your address
  4. On Hold: This means that the bank needs more documents to verify your application
  5. Rejected: This means that the bank did not approve your credit card application

However, before you go about tracking your credit card application, make sure you keep the following things at hand:

  1. Your application reference number: This is sent to you at the time of submitting your application
  2. Your registered mobile number
  3. PAN number

Once you have these things ready, you can check your credit card application status via online & offline. Here’s how.

Ways to Check Credit Card Application Online

1. Track via Bank website

  • Go to the official website of the respective bank/issuer where you applied for a credit card.
  • Visit the credit cards section and click on the ‘credit card tracking’ page.
  • Enter your application reference number, mobile number, PAN card number, or date of birth and click on ‘Submit’.

2. Request to know the status via Email

You can reach out on the official customer care ID of your credit card issuer and enquire about the status of your credit card application. Alternatively, you can also go to the “Contact Us” tab on the bank’s website and compose a mail. Make sure you mention details such as your application reference number, registered contact details, and PAN details in the mail for quick processing of your request.

Man Making a Phone Call

Ways to Check Credit Card Application Offline

1. Contact the customer care executive

One of the simplest offline ways to enquire about your card status is simply calling on the customer support number of your issuer. Most banks have a toll-free helpline you can call on to make inquiries about your card.

2. Check status via SMS

Some banks offer an SMS banking facility as part of their services. You can simply avail of this facility to know at what stage of assessment is your application. Just type the query code and send it to the SMS banking number. You will get a response via SMS within a few hours. Note: SMS charges may apply in some case

3. Visit the branch

Another simple way to enquire about your application status is by simply visiting the bank’s branch where you submitted your credit card application. You can reach out to a bank executive and share your contact details as well as your credit card reference number. Once  the executive validates your identity, he/she can assist you in knowing your card status.