How To Forgive Someone Who Keeps Hurting You & Benefits Of Forgiveness

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It is hard to Forgive Someone when you don’t even know whether they deserve it or not.

There are many cases where we find ourselves in the dilemma in which we have to decide whether we should forgive the mistake or save the relationship. When you have been wronged, you want revenge or want to shout at or kick that person. But would it be sufficient? Would a slap on their cheek will make you a happy person? This might give you a moment of satisfaction, but in the long run, it might not help you much. And I am not saying this just to get my friend (who will be reading this post) to forgive me since I hate her brownie the other day, this is actually a true statement.

Forgiving someone is not what is to be done for others, it is something that you got to do for yourself – for the peace of your mind. It is not hard to let it go and move on, but it might impact a great deal when you keep on clinging to the past and hold grudges towards someone. Holding grudges is never the answer, it will just do you worse. What you can do is stop talking to the person, or shout at them, or just ignore them, but what if they are an important part of your life? Would you want them to go? Would you want to part your ways with them on negative terms? Would you want the happy memories to be turned into sour ones?

I would not!!

How To Forgive Someone

In this article, let us see what we can do about the forgiveness part, and how we can gain positivity from that for ourselves.

I will start with “What is forgiveness?” A simple question, with a simpler answer. The action or process which is meant for forgiving someone or being forgiven by someone is called forgiveness. It is an eleven letter word with a deep meaning. You can say that the sentence that I wrote above defines forgiveness appropriately, but does it end there? Is it everything there is? You said sorry and they said it’s okay, would that mend everything? No, right? Forgiveness is more about feeling like things are mended. Saying “it is okay” or “I forgive you” is not necessary when you know you have forgiven them. You feel it, you feel no threads attached, and no remorse or grudge in your gut.

Why is forgiving someone important? It has many benefits, a few of them are listed below.

Benefits Of Forgiving Someone

  • Forgiveness is better for your health – it relieves your stress level. This is beneficial for your health for the long term. If you keep something inside you for long, it will keep coming up and will hurt you all the time, which in turn will increase your stress.
  • Have the peace which you deserve – You cannot have stress and peace at the same time.
  • Forgiving someone makes your behavior positive and it’s good to be a positive thinker. Positivity is very important in your life.
  • Forgiving someone reduces the negative effect on your health – For example, depression is caused when you keep on thinking about the negative aspects of your life instead of focusing on all the positivity. So, by forgiving it also reduces anxiety, depression, chances of migraine, and more.

How To Forgive Someone

  • Ignore your negative thoughts – negative thoughts always stop you to forgive someone so it’s better to ignore the negativity.
  • Understand the reason why the other person hurts you sometimes the truth is not that what we see the truth may be sometimes hidden so it’s better to understand the whole condition and also the reason why the other person hurts you. “Put yourself in the shoes of others”
  • Always keep in mind that we are all human beings and to sin is humane! 
  • Think about the good times that you had spent with that person. Remember how you both had a strong bond and were inseparable. Would that bond break in just a second?

Forgive Someone Who Keeps Hurting You

It is not easy to forgive a person who keeps on hurting you but keep and keeping this in your heart might make it more difficult. Think it like this – who is getting hurt because of the grudge you are holding? Is it the person who did wrong, or is it you? They might even not have any idea about that. It is not easy to forgive the same person again and again that I am not saying that you must ignore the fact completely. Try to positive about the case and remind yourself that you are doing this for yourself and/or the relationship. If you do not want to keep the relationship with that person after the situation, that is totally fine. You can break that bond, but forgiveness will give you freedom – freedom from the noise of hatred and unhappiness.

And with that, I will end my article. What do you think? Would you be able to forgive them? Or not?