How To Cut A Pineapple Step To Step

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The best part of n apple is on the very edge of the fruit, so, it is very important to cut it right. If you failed at doing the task properly, you might get the bad part of the fruit to eat. Like watermelon or mango, slicing a pineapple can be quite challenging if you have not done it before. If you crave a nutrition-filled plant, that is sweet as well as healthy for you, learn How to Cut a Whole Pineapple with A knife Properly, so that you can enjoy freshly cut fruit, as a salad or dessert as and when you want.

Why one must add pineapples to their diet?

Well, with being sweet and all, they also contain nutritional content, they are even considered a prime dietary superstar.

One cup of pineapple contains 206 milligrams of Blood Pressure stabilizing Potassium, 28.9 mg of vitamin C and 86 mg of eye-protecting vitamin A

How To Peel A Pineapple

>> Always use a sharp Chef’s knife, carefully though as you do not want to chop off your fingers!

>> Stand the Pineapple in one end, and carefully make thin slices until you remove all the skin that feels prickly; if you are not successful on the first go, don’t worry just repeat the previous step.

How to cut an open Pineapple into Chunks

#1 To start, use a large chef’s knife to separate the top and bottom of the pineapple.

How to cut an open Pineapple into Chunks

#2 Slice off all the prickly skin, do not worry about the inner layer(which has kind of spots like brown eyes on it)

How to cut an open Pineapple

#3 Stand the trimmed pineapple and starting from the top slice off a section at a time, kind of making it into a half.

#4 Make thin slices, long strips. these slices then need to be cut into small chunks


Steps To Cut Pineapple Into Rings

#1 Simply remove the peel of the pineapple as explained before

Cut Pineapple Into Rings


#2 make round slices of the pineapple by laying it on its side on the chopping board

Steps To Cut Pineapple Into Rings

#3 Use a cookie cutter or a small round object with a sharp edge to make round holes in the center of those slices so that the hard part of the fruit is removed, giving you pineapple rings as a result.

Pineapple Into Rings

Tip: When cutting the pineapple for your guests, first slice the pineapple and then separate it from the peel, after that stagger the slices and you will end up with a gorgeous pineapple that is ready to serve — no plates required.

This was our tutorial on Easy Steps to Peel a Pineapple and how to cut pineapple into small pieces, if you liked it and are planning on applying it into your kitchen, please forward it your friends so that they too can enjoy freshly cut pineapples in the comfort of their homes.

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