Government Certificate of Competency Templates & Samples

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Starting a contract but don’t have approval from the government to work on your field? Certificate of Competency is issued to those who have completed their training or work successfully. The certificates are issued in order to appreciate, acknowledge, and identify someone’s particular sets of skills and allow them to be certified to apply for a specific job.

Certificate Of Competency Meaning

The word competency means having the appropriate skills and attributes that have been developed in every aspect of your life. An easy definition would be that you need to have a certain skill set to be able to apply or work in a specific job role.

So, why get certified? Does a certificate of competency allow you to gain the qualified mark for your field of interest?

The answer to the above questions is that yes, you need to get certified. As the certificate that is awarded to people after completion of their training or program allows a contractor to show that they are able to fulfill the requirement for that specific work.

It allows the people that are awarded the certificate to be qualified as a boat driver, marine manager, seaman, Yachtmaster, and much more. The Small Business Administration has the rights to authorize any individual qualified and certified as per the government norms. These competency certificates are issued to appreciate, acknowledge, or identify a person who has completed a particular work successfully.

Certificate Of Competency Sample

A sample certificate is provided here to refer while filling up the template certificates.

Sample Of Certificate Of Competency

Certificate Of Competency Templates

The templates that are provided in this article are designed to serve the same purpose. If you are a business offeror and need a certificate of competency to start a job, then you can print these certificates out and apply to an SBA with your qualifications. Once you get certified, you can apply for a specific job.

Certificate Of Competency Templates

PDF Download

Certificate Of Competency

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Certificate Of Competency Templates Sample

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Government Certificate Of Competency

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Certificate Of Competency Template

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How to download these templates?

Downloading these templates in your device is a pretty easy task. Just follow these steps to download and take a print for further use.

Step #1. First, you have to select the certificate that suits your requirements and then choose which format do you want to print. This page includes two formats of the same templates – PNG and PDF.

Step #2 If you want to download the PNG format, then

a) Right-click or long press on the image of the template

b) Select the option for Saving the image “Save image as” or  “Save image”

c) If you are using your desktop computer, you will be prompted to select the folder that you want to save the file into and whether you want to change the name of the file. After you have done that you have to click on Save button.

d) In a mobile device, the downloaded file can be found in your gallery directly.

e) Now you can take a print out of the file.

Step #3 For downloading the file in PDF format,

a) Select the template that you liked the most and want to download

b) Find the download pdf button beneath the file and click on it

c) The template in pdf format will open up in the new tab of your browser if you are using a desktop computer or will be directly downloaded in mobile devices

d) Download it and get a print.

What are the benefits of these certificates?

Everyone knows that certificates are important documents and they help you to apply for a job, higher studies, or even an event. Likewise, the certificate meant for competency has a lot of value. The person holding the certificate is qualified to work in a specific field of job. The certificates issued for competency are issued only after your completion of courses, training, or the program. And that is why these certificates hold more weight than the usual certificates.

Government Certificate Of Competency

How can you create your own competency certificate?

The design of a certificate for competence is rather very easy to create. But as these are to be validated by SBA and would be deemed as a valid government document, it is suggested that pre-designed templates must be downloaded so that no mistake is done in this legal document. But, for those who wonder what are the basic guidelines for these certificates and what crucial elements must be added into the structure, here is a list of the elements that must be included while you create a certificate of competence.

The seven elements that are necessary for all certificates for competency to have:

  1. Title: The title is always printed on the top of the certificates, specifying the reason for the certificate. In this case, the title will be “CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY”
  2. Logo of the board: As per the government guidelines, the logo must be included to make the certificate authentic and legal. The logo must be of the certificate issuing authority.
  3. Purpose of the certificate: The detailed version of the title, stating why the certificate is being issued, and what competence is achieved by the individual.
  4. Name of the recipient: As every certificate has, this certificate must also include the details about the recipient – especially their name.
  5. Details of Qualification: Mention the training or program completed by the recipient.
  6. Date: Issuing date, on which the recipient gets certified
  7. Signature: Of the authority, to make the document valid and legal under government rules.

Now, as you are familiar with the components of a certificate, you can download the templates and edit them as per your requirements. Note that these templates are free to use, but only for personal reasons. They are not for commercial usage.


This document is issued by a designated authority stating that the recipient has fulfilled the requirements for a particular job and is now certified to work in that field. If you are someone who needs a certificate of competency than these templates will help you tons.

What are you certified for? Comment in the reply-to section.