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Everyone dreams of meeting there Prince charming or Cinderella in their lifetime but till then, the search keeps going. When you get into a relationship, there is almost a 50% chance that you will feel that you found “the one”. And the other 50% — that you failed to find your true love once again. And that is where the thought of breaking up enters. And you start looking for solutions for How To Break Up.

Breaking Up With Someone You Love

Most people, when they are not happy in their relationships, they start looking for ways To Break Up. What they don’t know is that breaking up is not something that you can do on a whim. You even can’t just pack your bags and leave, you have to think about your partner. If that partner is abusive, then it is just appropriate to leave and call the police. But, if your relationship was good, and your partner was always good to you, then you need to think about doing it once again.

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Breaking Up With Someone You Love

It is never easy Breaking Up With Someone, but we can at least reduce the aftershock of the same by doing it smartly. When two people are together, they are tied to an invisible bond. And to break that bond, you must have a valid reason. I see many people breaking up just because they are “not feeling it”. That is just messed up. You can never break something so precious just because you are not feeling it. You must at least try to find the reason behind the lost spark in the relationship. And if it was not there in the first place, why were you guys even together?

Breaking Up With Someone

Think about a few things before you consider breaking up. Think of them as Breakup Rules which, if not followed, will break someone instead of something. 

Are your really over them?

Sometimes, a little effort can make a huge difference. We all are working class people, and no one has time or energy to be doing all the relationship drama nowadays. But, if you have started to feel bored, or find yourself inclining towards someone else, then you might just need a weekend together. You might never want to break up after that weekend. Efforts could also include bringing home their favorite dinner or giving them a hug before leaving for work. You see, these small tasks might not seem that much, but they surely bring you together. So, before talking to them, you must try to find that spark.

Get perspective from your friends and families.

Even though you will think that it is your personal matter, it never hurts to include your families in these methods. You could talk to them about your thoughts and your issues. They would be happy to give you their advice on whether you should go for it or you might need to do some efforts to keep the relationship.

Try counseling

Sometimes an outside perspective can turn out to be a blessing. If your relationship was strong once but now you find it going down, then you can consider counseling. As the counsellers are professionals, they won’t tell you what to do. Instead, they will help you get a clear perspective and you will be able to make a strong decision.

Decide what you want first

If you are unsure of breaking up, then you must clear your head first. Be clear about what you want. You don’t need to make a list, but a clear “I want this from a relationship” will work. It will not only help you decide but talking about it with your partner might help them see what the issue is.

How To Break Up With Someone Nicely

Let me be clear, breaking up nicely isn’t a thing. Even if you don’t want to hurt their feelings, if there is a break-up scenerio, someone is going to get hurt. There could be a fight, a debate, or even crying. But, if you be polite, and respect their feelings too, you could at least minimize the “hurt”.

How To Break Up With Someone Nicely

But how can you be breaking up and not be hurtful at the same time?

The answer is pretty straight forward, don’t play the blame game. You are the one that is breaking up, and even though the other person is at fault, you must not bring up “This is because of you”. That ought to start a fight really fast.

How To Break Up With Someone You Live With

Like I said, breaking up is not an easy task. And it gets two times as hard when the two are living together. You want to get away from them, but it might be difficult to ask them to get out of the apartment. It could be a little easier if you are the one living their house, as it is easier to pack your bags and get out than getting them to pack their bags.

So, how do you start the talk? Do you just start by asking them to move out? Or you start packing the bags yourself? It is neither.

Let’s talk about how the break-up talk must start.

1. Be clear and speak truth

You must say the words “I want to break-up” instead of giving hints or stalling. Boys never like it when girls talk in spirals. They like to keep things straight and will appreciate it more when you will be honest and clear in your terms.

2. Don’t feel bad for yourself or for them

You know why you are breaking, why it is a necessary thing to do. Even though you know the break-up will affect your lives, it is no reason to pity anyone. You will be glad that you did what you did without feeling sorry for them. It will make the break-up easy and less hurtful.

3. Don’t play the blame game

As I already mentioned, never say that it is their fault when you are breaking up. Yes, you can say that when the said partner had been nothing but an abusive drunk or had not been taking responsibility for your kid. But, those are extreme cases. If you are breaking up because you don’t like their habits, or they are not being considerate enough, just say that you don’ want to be together. Blaming them for something that they don’t know they did is never a good move.

4. Don’t give in too easily, be strong willed

Those who feel that they are doing wrong breaking up, or those who pity themselves, are the ones who give up too easily. A few fake promises, one or two gifts, and a small chat are what it takes for them to forget about the break-up. But if you are in such condition, let me tell you that you are in a toxic relationship. If you are trying to break-up, and have been failing at it one-too-many times, then you must learn to be strong.

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