5+ Printable Certificate Of Marriage Templates

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Official marriage certificates are never as presentable as we want them to be. That is why you will find beautifully designed Certificate Of Marriage templates on this website. So that you can supplement the original ones while you show it off to your friends and family. You can fill these free templates and frame them to hang on the walls of your home.

Certificate Of Marriage

A marriage certificate stands as proof of the marriage of two individuals. The official one is too precious as everyone wants to cherish their special bond, so the templates provide you the opportunity to have an extra marriage certificate to hang on your wall or show off to your friends.

Printable Certificate Of Marriage

For the convenience of the readers, the templates for marriage certificates have been provided. These templates are print-friendly, which means that users can directly take a print of the templates without having to download them. There are various template designs to choose from, select whichever seems to work the most.

Certificate of marriage for Newley-weds

Printable Certificate Of Marriage

Download PDF

Marriage certificate to give as a gift to your spouse

Blank Certificate Of Marriage

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Printable marriage certificate

Blank Certificate Of Marriage

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Blank Certificate Of Marriage

These templates could be edited too. In order to do that, users need to download them in your device and open them in any appropriate editing software. The reason that these templates are provided blank is just that users can input their own information. There are two options to do that, one is to fill the template using a marker or you could just fill it out in your computer before taking a printout.

These templates that have been uploaded on this site are easy to edit. Users just need to download them in their computers and edit them using the appropriate tools. While editing, any new information or section could be added if desired and users can customize the certificate to fit their needs. This way users can make their own certificate that is unique.

To edit these blank templates, you first need to download them. If you do not know how to download a template from the web, you can read the instructions below.

These templates are provided in two formats for easy usage, in image format, and in PDF format. You can download either of them as per your requirement

Download templates in image format

Step #1 Find the template of the marriage certificate that suits your needs best.

Step #2 Right click on the template, you will see that a list has opened up.

Step #3 Click on “Save image as” option in the list and that will open up the Save as window

Step #4 Select the destination that you want to save your file in and click on the “Save” button.

You can find your download in your device’s memory.

Download the template in PDF format

Step #1 Look for the templates that suit your preferences best

Step #2 Click on the link provided below the image, it will open up the image in new tab

Step #3 Find the download button in the upper-right corner of the window and click on it

Step #4 You will be asked to select the download location, choose where you want to save your file and click on save. The download will start automatically if in settings you have selected such preferences.

Certificate Of Marriage Sample

Here is a certificate sample that you can refer to while you are filling out your own. The marriage certificate includes information about the two individuals who got married, the date and day, and most of the certificates also include the names of the witnesses. If you have filled it all in clear and appropriate fashion, then your certificate is ready to be displayed.

The important details that are necessary to be included in a marriage certificate-

  1. Name of the couple
  2. Date and Day of marriage
  3. The person that is marrying the couple
  4. Location at which the marriage is being held
  5. Signature of couple
  6. Witness’s and officiator’s signatures

A sample certificate of marriage

Certificate Of Marriage Sample

Download PDF

Template for marriage certificate

Certificate Of Marriage Sample

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Whether you download these templates to begin your journey with your spouse, or to remember the special day, all these templates are free to use. You can edit, print, and frame these marriage certificates to display in your home.

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