How To Define Platonic Love, Relationship, & Friendship – Signs

Platonic Love

There are many who want to know What is Platonic love, Platonic relationship, and Platonic friendship. If you too are confused whether your relationship with your best friend is Platonic or is there anything else on the table, then you must know the definition of the word. In this article, I am going to share … Read more

The Art Of Loving Yourself Before Others | On Self-Love

how to love yourself

Loving oneself is a hard task, especially when you are from a society which promotes “First you” ideology.  Since our childhood, we are taught to be someone who is acceptable in the eyes of the society and family; and to fulfill that requirement, most of us have forgotten what it is like to do something … Read more

How To Break Up With Someone | Awesome Relationship Tips

Everyone dreams of meeting there Prince charming or Cinderella in their lifetime but till then, the search keeps going. When you get into a relationship, there is almost a 50% chance that you will feel that you found “the one”. And the other 50% — that you failed to find your true love once again. … Read more

How To Find Out If You Are The Codependent One

When you are really invested in your relationship, there might be times you may feel frustrated. Irritated due to the fact that you always end up with someone who eats up all your energy and makes you feel “not perfect”. Did the question “Am I Codependent?” ever came across your mind? Well, if it did, … Read more

How To Select Gift For Your Fiancee

Have you been hunting for the perfect gift for your bride to be? The Best Gift For Fiancee can never be just one thing, but it cannot be many as well. To select a perfect gift for her, you have to know her better, ask her questions, ask yourselves questions, and trust your instincts. There is nothing … Read more